Jim Cramer’s Mad Money – Lightning Round Legit?

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If you’ve seen Mad Money, you know he has a lightning round where he just takes a ton of phone calls where it’s basically a free for all where he gives his buy/hold/sell advice (with brief reasoning and alternatives if he hates the stock) on the ticker. How is he doing it? They screen the calls of course so his screen probably pops up with some summary information but is he getting some “extra” help on those screens? It can’t be possible that he comes up with advice on fly does it? Let’s think about it a little bit…

I think he’s legit and here are the reasons why:
1) Sometimes he blows people off with basically no info (“I can’t say anything bad about…”). So you figure he doesn’t know about Company XYZ, he’ll figure out some clever and witty phrase and blow you off.
2) A lot of the advice he does give on some obscure stock is sector advice. He’s hot on energy but not on coal. Bring some obscure coal company, as someone did tonight, and he’ll tell you that coal sucks and sell the stock.
3) Always advises profit-taking, “ringing the register” if you will, regardless of the company. A woman mentioned a stock that had gained like 24% and he told her to take the cash! Who cares what the company does… take the cash!
4) When he does know the company, he gives legit advice.
5) He does pause from time to time, maybe a fraction of a second, and “appears” to think. I don’t see him faking thinking… seriously… why would he?
6) He talks quickly and does try to get as many calls as possible. If he was BSing, he’d probably waffle a little, kill some time, etc.

Remember, like every other pundit and every other show about stocks, you have to do your homework. So far, Cramer looks legit and I enjoy watching his show. It’s entertainment after all right?

Anyone ever call in and get on the air? I think the probability is low you called and happen to read my blog but if you did, please please please leave a comment! 🙂

Update: The other day, Jim Cramer commented on a company before a caller mentioned the company name. (5/4/05)

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15 Responses to “Jim Cramer’s Mad Money – Lightning Round Legit?”

  1. Joe says:

    I think your analysis is right on. I had the same questions, and came to the same conclusion. I think maybe people don’t realize how many stocks these stock junkies are familiar with, And as you pointed out, he can always fall back on sector pr profit taking advice if he’s not up on the company. I’m not sure how helpful his lightning round advice is, but you’re right about it being fun to watch.

  2. Me says:

    I too enjoy Cramer and am addicted to watching it. I think he’s a very intelligent man, with alot of stock insight. It will be interesting to track him to if what he says is correct or not. He does seem to mention the same stocks over and over, PNC Financial, Sears Holding, Yahoo – all stocks he has in his charitable trust. I like the fact that when he’s wrong, he admits it – like last night he had on Symbol Technologies which he recommend back in January, and the stock has dropped like 40% (I think). Anyway, he brought the Company rep back on to explain what happened. The stock market is like gambling – you pick some winners and you pick some losers. I like Jim Cramer – Booo-yah….

  3. Joe says:

    I Called into the lightning round. They don’t let you give symbols of companies under 200M market cap. This helps his ability to know the stocks.

  4. jim says:

    Thanks for the comment Joe, that’s an interesting insight into the show. The other day he drew a blank on a stock, he just apologized and moved on… that’s a vote in the “not some cheesy scam” category.

  5. Doug says:

    I called in the other day and asked about APCC (the ups company).
    Cramer seemed less that clueful and say I should buy a gas company (which,
    btw, he owns in his trust). WTF? A gas company has NOTHING to do with
    a UPS company.

    – Doug

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know. I try to call and cannot get through. I emailed about Infinium Labs and their new on demand gaming Phantom, but he did not read it.

    Maybe he is just to huge and cannot get to everyone.

    It could be legit. I like to have trust that people and some tv can be honest.

  7. Charlie Schorpp says:

    I’ve noticed that almost without exception, Cramer’s picks open considerably up the following AM. By that day’s close, oicks settle down a bit. It’s my conclusion that his Mad Money audience scrambles to buy at markets open, thus driving stocks up for the short term.

    I poresume that Mad Money is videotaped in advance of airing. Anyone who might be privy to Carmer’s picks prior to market’s close on day of show’s airing could take considerable advantage. Yes?

  8. VintageGamer1980 says:

    I called and got on a couple of months ago. I asked him about Dollar General, and while his reasoning was right on, I did not buy the stock because something else looked more attractive to me.

    I innitially wanted to ask about a Pink Sheet stock, but like another poster mentioned, it needs to be a somewhat heavily traded company. Also, I was on hold for over an hour, but CNBC was playing on the line, so it wasn’t a big deal. =)

    If you decide to call him, make sure you call and try to get on about an hour before the market closes. This is how I had success.

  9. Jack says:

    I’ve called in and got one the show. They ask what stock you will ask about so potentially he can know ahead of time, but I think they are doing that to make sure people don’t ask about the same stocks. Cramer is good, and with so many stocks to choose from, his recommendations narrow them down for you, but clearly he is wrong alot just like anyone would be regarding stocks.
    The show the winners and losers of the week on friday, the usually have 5 that lost, 5 that win,
    I’m not sure many take notice of that, i.e. he is wrong half the time!
    Also I would add that it is not hard to look right if people bid up stocks you recommend.
    Also he often picks stocks with high shorts which is really somewhat abusive, and eventually short position run-ups usually go back down hard, which will hurt lots of late buyers.
    In my opinion the show has become too successful, he has too much power over the market for a single person. The market is hard enough without suddenly having him drive your stock up or down in a big way without warning. With the new “Stop Trading” segment at 3:30, he has gone over the edge on influence in my opion.
    And frankly, when he puts his head on the line, it doesn’t get chopped off if he is wrong, its the followers heads that roll.

  10. dennis maka says:

    dennis responds
    How many of you out there have read his first book which kind of explains
    where he came from and how he got there. (pretty good read) The point is
    questioning his credentials is folly. He has definitely paid his dues and frankly has an amazing command of his field. For those of you who carp or complain, do you read the disclaimer at the end of each of his segments on air? You are
    advised to exercise due dilligence and he always suggests that your spend at least 1 hour a day on each of your stock picks (ie. do your homework) and the
    idea that one person in Cramers position can siginificantly affect the course of the market boarders on absurd. Assume personal responsibility for your actions
    and stop whining. BooooooooYa

  11. justin wells says:

    I’v made turn $500 to $3455.67 in 1 month from watch his show. I’v been buy the stock his says on his show and sell them the next day

  12. jason says:

    I’ve turned $1000 into $15k in 1 year doing the inverse of what cramer says. he is a schill and a complete joke. you clowns that follow him are fools!!

  13. Frank says:

    Jim Cramer is legit please you must not play the markets as I do.Take a look at Jim’s record aweful. Even if you take away his brutal advice on Bear Stearns his record is not very good.He also focuses on large cap companies which offer low returns for most unless you can afford to buy a lot of stock.People that say they made money with Cramer well its a rarity and I am skeptical. People who follow and know the markets like me understand Cramer is a joke…just like most serious business people understand Trump is a joke…they both market themselves well that doesn’t mean they know how to make money for you.

  14. jacko says:

    He does not know 95% of the companies; he reads off of WONDA (a stock database) a description of the company that is printed in its fundamental box. Guy is a total FRa&D

  15. Josh says:

    I have called into his lightning round before and he is 100% legit. He knows his stuff and if you have called in and gone through the process you know it is real. Plus he describes how he does the lightning round in his book, and he tells you how you can do it too. He knows his stuff and if you do your research and get over the fact that he knows more than you do, you will realize that none of it is staged and he really actually does know them. Stocks are his life.

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