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I watched Jim Cramer’s Mad Money (on CNBC) tonight because I have heard the buzz (especially around his new book, Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World) and I’ve seen this guy’s ad on Yahoo! Finance more times than I can count. I have to say I might watch this guy more often because he gets to the point, gets to it quickly, and doesn’t waste my time. He also won’t let guests get away with spinning some crap and he’ll confront them, something I really appreciate.

One example of how bold he is when he talked to the CEO of Skyworks Solutions. He asked specifically for the CEO to address the rumors that Motorola had been canceling orders from them. It looked like the CEO was waffling a little, avoiding the question, telling Cramer the positives and all that crap… Cramer nodded and what not. Then, Cramer didn’t let him off the hook and asked him the question again. Then they discussed the balance sheet and Cramer thanked the CEO for appearing. He then gave a recommendation as follows: he’d take a little bit and keep an eye on it because when it did go up, it’d go like a spring. But, it wouldn’t do anything for three months. Not a glowing reco for someone who just appeared on his show, that’s good. It adds a little credibility at least in my mind.

I like the apparent honesty and how this guy doesn’t waffle. He says that he likes a company or he doesn’t, he says what he’d do… he doesn’t mess around. His straight up attitude is something I appreciate and I’ll be checking out this program more often. If nothing else, he’ll shed some light on some companies and industries I hadn’t even thought about… and that’s a good thing.

Updated: After watching the show more, and still enjoying it, I was getting skeptical of the lightning round … so I thought about it. Read the post titled Jim Cramer’s Mad Money – Lightning Round Legit? and let me know what YOU think.

And incidentally, to clear up any confusion… I am not Jim Cramer.

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47 Responses to “Jim Cramer’s Mad Money”

  1. CK says:

    Jim- Found this article on Cramer that provides some insight into how he can possibly know about the companies that come up in the lightning round. I suspect the techniques used for the radio show apply to the television show.

  2. Dear Jim Cramer;

    I have been an annual subscriber for the past six months. My six year old son saw the advertisement for the Boohyah Bull on he website. I have sent several e-mails requests that were ignored.

    I called and spoke with Andy Mulholl at “The Street.Com” on July 17, 2006. He explained to me that there were no bulls available for sale or for loyal customers. I explained that I will not renew my subscription next year if I cannot obtain the bull. He said that was my choice.

    You are a businessman. You will be losing a loyal subscriber over a $5.00 piece of plastic. Just wanted you to know why. You, of all people, should understand the need for good customer service. And, I make it a policy NOT to do business with such companies. I call that capitalism.

    Laurence N. Kaldor

  3. King Asa says:

    Dear Laurence,

    You are a tool. This is not Mad Money or Welcome to the internet.

  4. Ed Auerbach says:

    Jim; What do you think of ASEI. 23% short position. Best regards…Ed

  5. robert petersen says:

    I would like your coments on Astronics (atro). There is little on the service I have and very few that have noticed this companies gaines from $5.oo to todays $27.90. The company I work for supplies this company and it is known to all who work here that the last quarters gain is only the start of this years increase. A double is expected to be a quardrouple in this year. How is it that nobody has spotted this one? Robert

  6. paula says:

    as you can see that am interested in stock investments, but i dont know how to go by it, and who to talk to. and trust. please help thank paula ps: and what the max to invest that reasonable.

  7. john says:

    I was wondering if Apple (AAPL) is a good stock to buy and how much will it go up in the near futture. I know you say for the people who have it to sell the stock because of how much the stock price has gone up, but I am planning on buying now.
    I am also wondering if Walt Disney (DIS) will do well in the market in the near future. Is it a buy.

  8. CHRIS PAYMAN says:



  9. lectric larry says:

    Hi Jim love your show. You introduced me to QID, which I have bought periodically. Yesterday, you said buy and sell!! I did!!

    I bought it again yesterday and it is soaring!!


    Happy Turkey Day

    Lectric Jeppesen
    Henderson, Nevada

  10. Ed Schweitzer says:

    Dear Jim:

    It makes me angry to learn that my broker (charles Schwab ) lends shares to hedge funds so that my stock can be knocked down. Can this be stppped?


  11. Anonymous says:

    I listened to Cramer on some talk show tonight and I will NEVER again listen to the man. He is an opportunist and he PURELY is a product of that given time. He singlehandedly destroyed hopes and dreams of the people who earnestly listened to him tonight. I had three of his books and have thrown all three in the trast. He is a dangerous man.

  12. Ford Prefect says:

    I had some time to kill so I decided to see what stocks Jim holds in his oft mentioned charitable trust fund and was shocked to find 5 banking stocks!! Really. Everything from the now defunct Wachovia to Morgan Stanley.
    I know Jim likes to cost average, and depending upon when he began buying these shares, by now I’m sure the cost per share of those banking stocks are gettin’ pretty darn booyah cheap. But what do suppose the stuff is going to be worth after the government eventually is forced to nationalize the banking system? A couple of Booyahs maybe?

    Bad boy Jim. You violated one of my top 3 trading axioms. NEVER fall in love with your positions even though you are 100% certain that given time, they will return to their days of glory. And I would suggest you have fallen head over heels for a good number of those banking shares. Make that 99.9% certain, cause those suckers ain’t never comin’ back.

    Then again, Obama may just let the presses run a little longer and come up with the funds to reimburse all the funds shareholders have lost while holding these companies. Afterall, the printing press is warmed up and what harm could a few more billion dollars of fiat money be able to produce?


  13. bwana says:

    Cramer is a completely unoriginal, pushy opportunist. He has to yell to get attention.
    He should drink a gallon of antifreeze… today!

  14. linda says:

    I find it unbelievable that Zion Oil and Gas (symbol ZN) is trading so well, closed at $12.50, Feb 20, 2009. This company is on exploration stage,no income, not on production stage. If you will check the fundamentals, the revenue declared is zero.

    How come it is trading so well against those energy companies with good fundamentals, on production stage. Unbelievalbe.

  15. rj09 says:

    Below is what I read from one of the financial sites:

    Dear CNBC and other financial sites:

    I want to tell you this from a viewer’s standpoint. I read articles written by credentialed analysts, for I take my hard-earned money seriously. When you include a phony investment/financial guru on your website, you really provide a dis-service to your viewers and disparage your own reputation.

    In 2006, Jim Cramer had an one-hour radio program before market-close. It was cancelled due to too many caller-complaints to the station. Probably from listeners who followed his advice and lost their money.

    I, too, have a real bone to pick with Jim Cramer. In fact, if there is ever a class action lawsuit against this evil investment / financial guru, I want to be notified and join in the suit.

    So many small investors have lost money because Jim Cramer is on the air and they listen to him. I bought a stock after Jim said it’s a great stock. I lost everything I paid for. Giving financial advice on the air is a serious business. People do listen and follow Jim Cramer’s advice and lose a lot of money. Of course, after I lost money listening to him, I made a point to never listen to him again. Whenever I see him or his name on the Internet, I can’t click him off fast enough, as if he carries plague. Whenever I hear his voice on the radio, I either mute the sound or change stations as if evil has penetrated the room.

    For all the small investors who have lost money by following Jim Cramer’s advice, they should all get together and file a class action lawsuit against this phony investment guru.

    * The stock market loves Jim Cramer because while his ill advice causes investors to lose money, it brings money into the stock market: One man’s loss is another man’s gain.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Jim Kramer is a “Scam Artist”….anyone who listens to his advice and invests in any of his recommended stocks shouldn’t complain when the monies are gone.

  17. Jason says:

    Dear rj09, Jim Cramer is only giving you his seasoned opinion of stocks in the market. One man can never be 100% right with stock picks, just like one man can’t be 100% right about sports bets. You are a complete dumbass if the only reason you bought a stock is because of Cramer. Try doing your own homework and research before spending your money on a stock. If you buy certain stocks because one person says to and you lose your money, you deserve to be broke and thanks for dumping money into the pot so that those of us with half a brain can take it from your retarded ass.

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