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I watched Jim Cramer’s Mad Money (on CNBC) tonight because I have heard the buzz (especially around his new book, Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World) and I’ve seen this guy’s ad on Yahoo! Finance more times than I can count. I have to say I might watch this guy more often because he gets to the point, gets to it quickly, and doesn’t waste my time. He also won’t let guests get away with spinning some crap and he’ll confront them, something I really appreciate.

One example of how bold he is when he talked to the CEO of Skyworks Solutions. He asked specifically for the CEO to address the rumors that Motorola had been canceling orders from them. It looked like the CEO was waffling a little, avoiding the question, telling Cramer the positives and all that crap… Cramer nodded and what not. Then, Cramer didn’t let him off the hook and asked him the question again. Then they discussed the balance sheet and Cramer thanked the CEO for appearing. He then gave a recommendation as follows: he’d take a little bit and keep an eye on it because when it did go up, it’d go like a spring. But, it wouldn’t do anything for three months. Not a glowing reco for someone who just appeared on his show, that’s good. It adds a little credibility at least in my mind.

I like the apparent honesty and how this guy doesn’t waffle. He says that he likes a company or he doesn’t, he says what he’d do… he doesn’t mess around. His straight up attitude is something I appreciate and I’ll be checking out this program more often. If nothing else, he’ll shed some light on some companies and industries I hadn’t even thought about… and that’s a good thing.

Updated: After watching the show more, and still enjoying it, I was getting skeptical of the lightning round … so I thought about it. Read the post titled Jim Cramer’s Mad Money – Lightning Round Legit? and let me know what YOU think.

And incidentally, to clear up any confusion… I am not Jim Cramer.

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47 Responses to “Jim Cramer’s Mad Money”

  1. Matt says:

    So, um, what channel and time is this guy on? Perhaps some other people wouldnt mind checking him out.

    • rj09 says:

      In 2006, Jim Cramer had an one-hour radio program before market-close. It was cancelled due to too many caller-complaints to the station. Probably from listeners who followed his advice and lost their money.

  2. jim says:

    I’ve updated the original article with the airings and channel. CNBC at 6pm weekdays.

  3. Matt says:

    Thanks man!

  4. Marlena says:

    I think Cramer’s show is hysterical and also enjoy his what appears to be a “straight talk” personality; however, he’s really being trashed by a lot of analyst. For example, on his web site Bill Cara (Capital Markets & Social Equity) calls him a “clown” and doesn’t think Cramer knows what he’s talking about and that the show is just a gimmick to shore up CNBC’s ratings. Funny thing is, all the hot shot analysts purport to be the best of the bunch and there are trading newsletters charging through the nose for their so-called secret expertise – So who knows whom to believe anymore? Anyway, I like the guy: I don’t have to pay anything extra for his advice and he makes me laugh.

    • rj09 says:

      So many small investors have lost money because Jim Cramer is on the air and they listen to him. I bought a stock after Jim said it’s a great stock. I lost everything I paid for. Giving financial advice on the air is a serious business. People do listen and follow Jim Cramer’s advice and lose a lot of money. Of course, after I lost money listening to him, I made a point to never listen to him again. Whenever I see him or his name on the Internet, I can’t click him off fast enough, as if he carries plague. Whenever I hear his voice on the radio, I either mute the sound or change stations as if evil has penetrated the room.

  5. Ceal Voyce says:


    Buy or sell PBR?

  6. jim says:

    Ceal Voyce,
    I afraid I don’t dispense investment advice. If you were meaning to reach Jim Cramer, I’d try him at his email address:

    If you’re asking if I drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, well, of course I do. 🙂

  7. joe hodapp says:

    I personally like Jims way, he is blunt, and brief. Both sorely lacking by most shows today.

  8. LEN says:


  9. jim says:


    I’m not THAT jim… you should try, I’m sure he’ll let you know what he thinks about it.



  11. david allen says:

    Jim your the man. Hov is kickin but plus they finance 60% of their new homes . Interest rates are down to 5.8 tell me something good. thanks

  12. ed/greatlakes/chicago says:

    slow down/we miss some of your best comments/our whole company hangs on every word you speak/outstanding insight/much appreciated/you are transforming the world of analysts singlehandedly/we love you for it!

  13. Troy says:

    I agree with all points. I watch him and I think he’s legit….BUT, why is he always looking down at his monitor AFTER he reads the name?

  14. jim says:

    I’m sure they pop up some data on the company to give him a “refresher” on it. He can’t possibly pull stats off memory all the time.

  15. Jim Pringle says:

    HDI hold or sell

  16. Len says:

    Jim with the Fed raising interest rates should I buy 10 year treasury notes,like the overseas banks ,or should I be selling them ?
    All the opinions I’ve heard are confusing !
    Right or wrong ,Ivalue your opinion.
    Thanks, take care of your throat,I had a history of ulcerated vocal cords in a teaching career.
    Be cautious,
    len Stockler

  17. MAZ says:

    Jim, what do you think about AUO, SNDK, IIP. Thanks.

  18. KEVIN says:

    Jim, I need to know what you think about siri and ko. I own both and have a good feeling about both. I am new to the trading game and want to invest wisely as everyone else. At what price shouls I sell these stocks or should I just sell SIRI and let coke ride? Please let me know what you think. Thank you in advance for your advise.

    Kevin Brockway

  19. Frank Hibbs says:

    Jim,I watch your show in St.Maarten, N.A. What is your outlook on DPZ (Dominos Pizza) and LU (Lucent). Thanks for your advice, Frank

  20. Vincent LAbARBERA says:

    Sir I am a retitred Air Force E-8, and I had a friend who told me to start buying sstock. He said the best one is CSCO and Intel. This was 2000 I put all my saving into CSCO at 79.00 a share and I bought 3500 shares it is now at 19.22 a share. I have held it since that time. Should I sell it at a big loss or do I continue to hold on to it. Intel I paid 36.00 and have 500 shares.

    I love your show and watch it every day.

    Thank you


  21. Mike Sazy says:

    I have watched you for years – do you remember recommending glw @ $1.00 — well it’s 18 and I bought on your advice – many thanks and again today .msqas went up (option) also bought cyqax.Both are Jan options -Microsoft and Cisco – how long should I hold them? Again I thank you –shazzam!!!

  22. Jerry says:

    Paul Tudor Jones has a 15.4% stake in Novell filed last Friday. Blum Capital has a 5% stake in Novell. It look like this stock is going to brakeout at 7.70, should I buy?

  23. len says:

    I purchased mkty a few years ago and it has done nothing but go down do you think it will recover ? should i buy more ? thanks

  24. jacque says:

    HI, Jim my question is that i’m a single mom with a job that pays twice a mounth
    and with that it just pays the (bill)s i’m looking in some stocks that i can put my
    retirement in, what do you reccommend?

    • rj09 says:

      For all the small investors who have lost money by following Jim Cramer’s advice, they should all get together and file a class action lawsuit against this phony investment guru.

      * The stock market loves Jim Cramer because while his ill advice causes investors to lose money, it brings money into the stock market: One man’s loss is another man’s gain.

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