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Jim Cramer’s Mad Money

I watched Jim Cramer’s Mad Money (on CNBC) tonight because I have heard the buzz (especially around his new book, Real Money: Sane Investing in an Insane World [3]) and I’ve seen this guy’s ad on Yahoo! Finance more times than I can count. I have to say I might watch this guy more often because he gets to the point, gets to it quickly, and doesn’t waste my time. He also won’t let guests get away with spinning some crap and he’ll confront them, something I really appreciate.

One example of how bold he is when he talked to the CEO of Skyworks Solutions. He asked specifically for the CEO to address the rumors that Motorola had been canceling orders from them. It looked like the CEO was waffling a little, avoiding the question, telling Cramer the positives and all that crap… Cramer nodded and what not. Then, Cramer didn’t let him off the hook and asked him the question again. Then they discussed the balance sheet and Cramer thanked the CEO for appearing. He then gave a recommendation as follows: he’d take a little bit and keep an eye on it because when it did go up, it’d go like a spring. But, it wouldn’t do anything for three months. Not a glowing reco for someone who just appeared on his show, that’s good. It adds a little credibility at least in my mind.

I like the apparent honesty and how this guy doesn’t waffle. He says that he likes a company or he doesn’t, he says what he’d do… he doesn’t mess around. His straight up attitude is something I appreciate and I’ll be checking out this program more often. If nothing else, he’ll shed some light on some companies and industries I hadn’t even thought about… and that’s a good thing.

Updated: After watching the show more, and still enjoying it, I was getting skeptical of the lightning round … so I thought about it. Read the post titled Jim Cramer’s Mad Money – Lightning Round Legit? [4] and let me know what YOU think.

And incidentally, to clear up any confusion… I am not Jim Cramer.

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