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John Waggoner Gives Bloggers Thumbs Up

Talk Today is a sort of online chat Q&A feature on USA Today and one of today’s chats was with John Waggoner, USA Today’s investing columnist. He writes a column every week on investing and wrote The Fast Forward MBA in Investing [3] (1998, OOP on Amazon).

Here was my question [4] (and his answer):
columbia, md: John, What do you think about the increasing number of bloggers who talk about investing? While some of them are professionals, many are just regular joe’s and jane’s writing their thoughts (disclaimer and all) and strategies for the world to see. As a professional journalist, what do you think of them? Thanks!
John Waggoner: I think you can never have enough information, and bloggers keep journalists from getting lazy. But ultimately, you have to do your own research.

I think that reads like a thumbs up for investing bloggers out there. This is a much different sentiment than David Weidner’s [5].

My personal favorite? George at Fat Pitch Financials [6], though I wish he’d write more frequently and share a little more of his wisdom.