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Your Take: Joint or Separate Coupled Finances?

Next Monday, JD and I will be discussing the topic of coupled finances on the Personal Finance Hour [3]. We briefly touched on the topic a few weeks ago when we learned that JD and his wife Kris keep their finances separate whereas my wife and I keep around combined. We know it’s a hot topic with both sides having very strong opinions but when we learned that we each approached it different, we thought it would make for a fantastic topic.

Here’s where I need your help. Do you have any questions you want answered by either one of us? If you want to know something about how JD handles their separate finances or how I handle combined finances, please ask it in the comments below or call in when the show is live.

I’d also like to hear how you handle coupled finances or would handle coupled finances (for the non-couples out there). Nothing is off limits and please feel free to debate one another, the goal here is to learn (but please be civil!).

Thanks in advance!

(benstephenson [4])