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My Journey: Handwriting 100 Letters for McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces (Part 2)

This series chronicles my journey to hand-write 100 letters to McDonald’s requesting Monopoly Game Pieces for their annual Monopoly Game sweepstakes. The game rules state that McDonald’s will mail back 2 game pieces if a participant sends a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) to McDonald’s. There is no mention of a limit on the number of requests a participant can send, so I’m sending in 100 letters to see if 1) I can make back the money I spent on stamps and envelopes (around $117), 2) to see if McDonald’s will live up to their claim and honor my 100 letters and 3) see if I win any cool stuff! For more details on how my journey began, read part 1 [3].

In part 1 of My Journey [3], I figured out my supplies, made a few stops at the office supply store, and made sure I had the right McDonald’s address. Now it’s writin’ time.

Step 5: Let the writing begin!

So now I have everything laid out and I’m ready to write, write, write (and write). I start with the request envelopes, so I’m writing the McDonald’s address in the center and my return address in the top left. As you can see, my handwriting is pretty much a modern form of hieroglyphics, so I have to make sure to be as legible as possible and not allow my legibility to taper off as I progress.

Step 6: Re-writing letters (Fail #2)

The downfall of speed-writing. I end up writing a few of the addresses upside down. This isn’t a huge deal, but like I said in part 1, I want to make this as dead-simple as possible for the poor sap who has to send all these back. So I’ll rewrite 10 or so envelopes.

Step 7: Stamping

I have 100 request letters written, and It’s time to start stamping these bad boys.

A few minutes and later and…


This was actually one of the easier steps thanks to the stamps coming in roll form. This would have been 10 times more arduous having to peel off from a sheet, I think.

Step 8: Writing the return SASE envelopes

Writing the SASE envelopes is pretty easy, since I don’t have to write any other information besides my own address.

Whew. Got that knocked out fairly easy. Now it’s time to stamp these suckers.

Done. I’m getting close now 🙂

Step 9: Envelope stuffing

I can see the finish line ahead. This is one of the last steps and I’m burning through it quickly.


One last oogle at my conquest before the next step 😛

Step 10: Mailing time!

Time to chuck’em in the mail box.

Good riddance! The annoying part is that I have no idea when to expect McDonald’s to send my return envelopes back with my pieces inside. Who knows how long it will take for them to send 100 return envelopes with 400 total Monopoly game stamps. I’m wondering if I’m going to get them back in bulk, or a few return envelopes every couple days. We’ll see. The contest is scheduled to run for a few more weeks, so look out for part 3 whenever I start getting envelopes back!

Here’s Part 3! [4]

Additional Photography provided by Offain Gunasekara