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KBB’s Ten “Coolest” Cars under $18k

Another Kelley Blue Book top ten list but this time with an eye towards the frugal buyer because now we’re talking the best under $18,000 – or about $300-$350/mo for five years, though fuel efficiency wasn’t a consideration in this list though each car listed has good mileage. What’s funny is that the top ten list actually doesn’t have them listed in any particular order… just a list of ten cars .

The cheapest was the 2005 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner at $14,850 MSRP (Kelley Blue Book valued at $14,768) and the priciest was the 2005 Honda Element at $18,765 MSRP (KBB valued at $17,827). You have seven of the ten being foreign cars (3 Toyota’s, a Kia, a Hyundai, a Honda and a BMW-owned MINI). In the other three you have two Fords (Mazda is owned by Ford) and a Chevrolet.

So if this was the “Coolest” cars under $18k, how does that stack up against Edmunds’ ten “Hottest” cars [3] I talked about mid-March?

The MINI Cooper, Scion xB, and Scion tC appeared on both lists and again the “hottest” cars were dominated by more international manufacturers (in this case, Toyota owned six of the spots) than domestic manufacturers.

For a full list, check out the Top Ten [4] List.