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Keep Investments & Insurance Separate

I had a meeting with my accountant last week to discuss some business related items and we got on the topic of insurance, specifically life and disability insurance. He told me that his personal philosophy was to keep insurance and investments separate. The reason for this is that when you start mixing insurance and investment, you start muddying the waters and things become much more difficult to keep track of.

When it comes to insurance, he buys term life insurance. Term life insurance is the simplest type of insurance, you pay a premium for a set period of time and they pay out if you die. There is not an investment component and it’s a very simple concept. When I looked at four types of life insurance [3] (term, whole, universal, variable), it confused me to no end. Generic terms, that are barely descriptive because they are so generic, tied to specific plans really mess me up.

Is this the most financially efficient method? I don’t know enough to know. Is it a clear, easy to understand, easy to execute plan with little room for error? I believe so. I prefer a plan I fully understand and can execute without problems over one that is half a percentage point more efficient that I could potentially screw up.