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Kiplinger & NAPFA: Free Retirement Advice on Jan 21st, Jan 25th 2011

Every year for the last ten years, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors [3] and Kiplinger’s [4] team up to hold Jump-Start Your Retirement Plan Days where they give free advice to anyone willing to call their 800 number or visit their website. This year, the two free days are this Friday January 21st and next Tuesday January 25th. Between 9 AM and 6 PM Eastern, you can ask fee-only financial planners (the only way to go when it comes to financial planners) questions absolutely free.

You can call 888-919-2345 or visit the website [5] to ask your question. The statistics they’ve compiled on whom they’ve helped is pretty amazing – over 37,000 consumers and 140,000 hours of advice. I’ve never called in but people have told me that the advice is usually pretty good, though not as good as sitting down with an actual planner (as you’d expect).

So, if you’ve had a burning question or two that you’ve wanted to ask a financial planner, square off a little time on Friday or next Tuesday and get it answered for free.