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Label Your Cashback Cards With Offer Terms

Tommy of Dodoskido [3] left a very good idea in my post ranting against the promotional teaser cashback offers [4] that I thought was worth sharing.

Another tip: I label each card in my wallet with the terms…like:
“0% until 02/14/2008″
“5% back gas, cell, office”

That way everytime you go to yank one out of your wallet, you know what’s up.

Of course, one would argue that if you have so many cards in your wallet that you can’t remember, you might want to pare down your options because you might have to many. While that’s a valid point, why make yourself remember something when you can just write it down? Also, some programs like the Discover Get More cashback program will rotate at what stores your cashback offer is good for, so with it changing every quarter, don’t fill up your brain with information you can otherwise put down on paper.