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Laddering CDs at ING Direct

Looks like ING Direct [3], which I lauded in my post about laddering your emergency fund [4], has now made it even easier to ladder you CDs by letting you open multiple CDs at multiple maturities all on one page.

If you have an account (if you don’t, you can open one through a referral link on ING Direct $25 new account bonus referral page [5] and get $25 for a $250 deposit), the easiest thing for you to do is to go to their Orange CD laddering page [6]. If you aren’t logged in, that link will take you to a login screen. After you log in, you’ll be presented with the normal account screen. Simple come back and click on the link again and it should take you to a screen that looks like this:

As you can see, the 6-, 9- and 12- month CDs are all at the 3.30% rate (not exactly the best, but you can’t beat the convenience and simplicity that ING Direct brings to the table) and you can open all three simply by entering values on one page.

Here are some recommendations or ideas I wanted to share:

One final word of advice about ING Direct CDs, they’re default set to renew upon maturity. You’ll want to change that for your 6- and 9- month CDs because you will change them out for 12 month CDs once they mature. You can do this by clicking on the CD, clicking on the Account Maintenance link or icon, and change the Account Maturity to either closer or “Renew Principal Only to:” a 12 month CD (with interest rolling into the main account).

If anyone from ING is reading, any chance you guys could sort the Orange CDs in order of ascending maturity? That’d be nice!

Enjoy laddering!