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Your Take: Was Lasik Surgery Worth It?

Today the Your Take is a bit of a selfish question about Lasik, something I’m starting to consider more seriously again. I first wrote about this a few years ago when I considered Lasik eye surgery [3] but never pulled the trigger (I went as far as to schedule just one consultation [4] but was a little turned off at the “used car salesman” sales tactics).

If you’ve had Lasik, I’m curious if you thought the laser surgery was “worth it?” Everything I’ve ever heard from people has been positive, outside of the relatively high costs, and I’m curious to hear from people on both sides. Are there folks who were unhappy? How much did it cost and where was it performed? Are there folks who can be more specific about what they like about their experience? I’ll probably consider it next year, especially since it seems the liquid travel restrictions on flights won’t be lifted anytime soon, and was trying to gather more information.