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LasikPlus Review: Eye Exam and Consultation

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Yesterday I went to my LasikPlus free eye exam and consultation to get some more information about Lasik (which apparently stands for Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis and there are in fact many different variations on the “laser-on-eye” surgery) and to also see how much it costs. When I showed up, the entire appointment is split up into three distinct parts: preliminary eye exam, doctor directed eye exam, and the pricing and scheduling consultation.

Preliminary Eye Exam

This was conducted by someone in a blue scrubs (in other words, not a doctor) and consisted of your typical eye exam things, checking for prescription, eye pressure, eye health. They also added two additional tests such as a cornea mapping, cornea thickness measure, and a night vision test, which are tests they need to tell how difficult it would be to perform Lasik on you or whether it was a good fit for you. The end of this exam consisted of taking the pupil dilating drops and waiting to see the doctor, which included watching an informative FAQ-type video about Lasik.

Doctor Directed Eye Exam

This was conducted by someone in a white lab coat who introduced himself as doctor so-and-so (I’ll be honest, at this point I had the pupil dilating drops in, I couldn’t see and so I was a little disconcerted). He checked out my prescription again and went into whether or not I was a good candidate for Lasik. Apparently my pupil is slightly larger than average but that was fine and my cornea was thicker than average, which is a good thing; there was a 5-6% chance I would need corrective surgery after the first surgery, but that was all included in the price.

I asked him whether I’d get a prescription of some kind, say for glasses or contacts, and he said that they didn’t do that, all their tests were geared towards assessing the candidacy of a patient. So if you wanted a free prescription out of it, you’re out of luck. If you wanted a thumbs up or thumbs down for eye health, you did get that.

Pricing and Scheduling Consultation

This was with someone at the front desk and this was a little hard for me because my pupil’s were dilated. They gave a 15% discount with my vision insurance provider, I assume they give this with practically all vision insurance providers, so the price was around $1400 an eye for a grand total price of $2800. Since I haven’t talked to any other providers, I have no idea where that is in the grand scheme of things (that’s just regular Lasik with a Bausch & Lomb laser).

As for payment, there were several financing options that including a 18 month 0% financing offer through Carecredit, but I haven’t had a chance to look at that.

Oh, one last thing, there wasn’t a hard sell at the Columbia location, which was something I appreciated. I hate going to a place and having them try their hardest to sell their service or product, even after I’ve told them I’m currently in a research gathering mode and not looking to make a decision at the moment.

There you have it, my LasikPlus eye exam and consultation experience, please feel free to ask any questions or share your own experiences.

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78 Responses to “LasikPlus Review: Eye Exam and Consultation”

  1. Do PRK says:

    Please go to a cornea specialist at a reputible hospital that specializes in eye care. Although I went to the “premire” lasiks guy in Phila area, he was not a cornea specialist. His office turned out to be one of those lasik farms that processes as many patients as possible that come thru his door. Since my lasik, I have since gone to several cornea specialists perform lasik surgery for Guess what? They both charged about $2500/eye.
    I am now paying out of pocket for my new Doctor, the cornea specialist, to take care of my eyes after the lasik farmer botched it up.
    (both cornea specialist said I sould not have had lasiks, but PRK.) Ask and make sure they are a CORNEA SPECIALIST.

    PS. Until recently, pilots were only allowed PRK. Ask your doctor about PRK. If your flaps don’t heal properly like mine, your are screwed. Once you have flaps you will always have them. ALSO do one eye at a time to see how your healing process goes. The farmer who did my surgery is pointing fingers at me for being a bad healer because I having eye desease he didn’t catch prior, because I rocesea, oh, and because I can’t see past the blurriness I now have and it’s effecting my healing.

  2. Leslie says:

    My 23 year old son wants lasik surgery. He has been wearing contacts and glasses since he was 12. Has anyone got any reviews on Dr. Manuel Chankis, he presently works for Joffe Medicenter, Marietta, Georgia and was previously in Birmingham, Alabama. He was recommended but I need some more feedback before I use him.

    Thanks for any help!

    • Jillian says:

      Hi Leslie, did your son ever have lasik? I’m considering using Dr. Chankis but am nervous because they’re the cheapest place in town. I can’t find any bad reviews other than the complaint about the “qualified” $495 eye price. Nothing about the doctor. I would appreciate any info you have on Dr. Chankis.

  3. Anna says:

    Has anyone ever done Lasik with Dr. Salierno (Wethersfield, CT)?
    Please tell me about your experience!

    A different question: how would you consider a fee of $3900-total- compared to the average price for lasik? (wich with insurance would go down to $3300)

    • lisa says:

      Did you ever get to see Dr. Salierno? How was it? I am thinking of going but a little nervous. My husband knows a couple of people who went to him and had good results

    • Tammie says:

      My husband had PRK from Salierno. Two months of very dry eyes, needed lots of drops…Then he was fine. He has better than 20/20 vision and is a year post surgery now

  4. Diana says:

    Wow! Jim, when did you go? In Leawood, KS this week the cost was over $4,000 (then $3,600 with a discount plan.).

  5. Rae says:

    I wish this place would go out of business

    I had a horrible experience at the Chicago North Ave Office and the staff (from Dr Aymond on down to the receptionist) is without a doubt incompetent.
    During the surgery left eye was performed without issue. But as the second eye was being performed the doctor tells me don’t panic, slowly get up from the table and return to the waiting room. This not something you want to hear in the middle of a delicate eye surgery. Apparently the machine had been incorrectly calibrated and the incision to open the flap had not been deep enough.
    After balling hysterically I was told I would have to wait a week before anything could be done to correct the error and that I would be refunded half my money because only half the surgery had been completed. Thaaanks
    I came back the next day for a follow-up where I was told my left eye was inflamed, hmmm. I was told to continue to use the drops and the I would need to have PKR done on the left eye because they could not do the Lasik again. I was an emotional basket case the entire week. Both eyes were blurry, the left eye still had inflammation and the right still had not been addressed. I’m grateful my mom was constantly calling the corporate office trying to reach someone. The people at the North ave office were useless.
    I was at one point told I would have to pay for the second eye to be completed. Excuse me! Why should I pay you to correct a mistake you made. I had to take time off from work, I couldn’t see, I was an emotional wreck because I didn’t think I would see, and I this company has not even apologized. After leaving voicemails threatening to sue I was finally able to speak to someone in the corporate office who told me my entire surgery would be covered by lasik. About 10days after the initial botched job I had the PRK done on the right eye and the inflammation in my left eye had gone down.

    I’m now having vision problems. All the things they tell you could possibly happen are now starting to surface a year later. My right eye is 20/20 but my left eye is significantly less. I have terrible night glares, starbursts, and dry eyes. I wish that I had not don’t this, I wish I had stuck to contacts & glasses. I tell people considering it not to do it, but if you do, DO NOT GO TO LASIK PLUS .

    This place is does a surgery every 15-20 minutes. They don’t care about their patients, they don’t see you they only see dollar signs and when things go wrong they put you through heck to correct it.

  6. Colleen says:

    Has anyone been to the oneimHarrisburg, Pa? I have a consult ad would like to know if it’s worth it?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do not be fooled by the Free Enhancement for Life. I had the surgery done a few years ago and needed enhancements. LasikPlus moved from Raleigh NC even though the doctor who performed the surgery is still in Raleigh NC. They are requiring that I drive 4 hours away and 4 hours back to have 3 or 4 exams just to let me know if they can do the enhancements. Then I will have to back there again for the surgery and 3 or 4 more post ops afterwards. Eight hours a trip total and possibly up to 9 trips.

  8. Lew says:

    Case Description: False Advertising of $250 procedures
    lasikplus’ advertisement for $250 per eye lasik procedure is grossly misleading! lasikplus should be sued for false advertising. I wasted two hours of my life attending their consultation. The whole time Lasikplus’ criminal intent was to SCAM me out of $3800.
    I am not stupid. $250 vs $3800 is a BIG difference.
    The false advertisement of $250 was the only reason I attended the consultation. Lasikplus’intention is to BAIT AND SWITCH all customers who Respond to their $250 advertisement. This is UNETHICAL. I will continue to share my experience on every social media and other outlets exposing lasikplus on a national level. Every location advertising the mythical unicorn like $250 lasik eye procedure will have potential customers be aware. STOP THE BAIT AND SWITCH you unethical crooks.

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