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Many moons ago I wrote about a whole host of Comcast deals and rebates, including the “Ditch the Dish” program, and with the year of promotional pricing nearing its end it’s time once again to play the cancel and signup game. How does this game work? Well, do you have a roommate? Cancel your account and sign up under their name. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/friend who can “live” in your house? Then you can cancel yours and sign up in their name. The beauty of Comcast is that anyone can pay the bill, they don’t care as long as you put the correct account number on the check!

The best strategy is to threaten to cancel because you saw a better deal (have the deal in hand). If they don’t give you the same promotional offer that you can get by signing up brand new (or they give you enough that you don’t think dealing with a new signup, because remember you have to “wait” for the cable guy, is worth it) then cancel and sign up again.

Now… onto the updated deals and rebates.

“Ditch the Dish”

Unfortunately, this program has been discontinued.

This site has by far the easiest and best way to check if Comcast is available in your area. The page that loads lets you enter in your phone number and email and checks immediately. You don’t have to fill in a bunch of junk plus the offer itself is competitive:

(also, you can get $75 back for signing up to cable television and $50 back for signing up for telephone service too)

Staples & Dell No Longer Offering Rebates?

Or at least I can’t find them. Last year it was all the rage, sign up for Comcast service on Staples, Dell, Office Depot, etc. and submit rebates for them all. I had done it with great success twice but it appears as though neither vendor is offering rebates with Comcast service activation anymore. 🙁

Good luck!

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15 Responses to “Latest Comcast Deals & Rebates”

  1. Miller says:

    As you know, Jim, I did this with my roommates about 6 months ago. It looks like we did the Comcast Offers deal (though we got $100 rebate instead of $75). For starters, I JUST got the rebates a week ago. They took their sweet time about it, but it did all come in ($80 for the free modem and $100 in cool cash). And of course, the $20/month rate for 6 months. A few notes though — the rate was (perhaps, “is”) only good for places with *existing* cable TV service. Keep that in mind. So basically, you have to two-step it. Sign up for the best TV deal, then after that goes through, sign up for internet.

    Aside about TV service. I found the best deal for the TV service BY FAR was found by talking to the kiosk guys at the mall (Arundel Mills in particular for other Marylanders). Things onilne or over the phone weren’t even close. Also, calling them 3-4 different times, I got a different price all but once. And all the prices were horrible. The kiosk guy put together a number of great deals. In the end, since we care less about all the nifty cable packages, we got FSS (basic channels) and HBO with a digital box (not digital cable though, but the box, so you get the guide feature — crucial!) for ~$35 a month for 12 months. I think the FSS alone over the phone was $50 (no HBO and no box). Not even close…

  2. Keith says:

    This info is so outdated it is not even funny. I just called and basically there is nothing this lousy company can offer me. Their best deal was The Started Digital package for $53 a month and they would give me $100. They do not even offer the “Ditch the Dish” program. You have to call Comcast directly to get that deal.

    So basically it was a waste of my time to call this company. I wish sites like this would update and remove old posts. I called 9/7/07.

  3. jim says:

    What lousy company? Comcast?

  4. richard toadvine says:

    i sogned up for the comcast tripple play about two months ago and still have not recieved my rebate or any response. all of your promotions are great , but you will suffer my business account for not holding true to your word.

  5. Lanie says:

    I thought I wouldn’t get ANY sort of deals with Comcast since I am kind of irresponsible about the bill <(college students tend to be poor sometimes). Anyway, I called to cancel and to my surprise they gave me my internet for 27.95 including renting the modem. There is no limit to this deal and it beats paying 45.00+ every month for just internet. Try it!

  6. Mitch says:

    The secret to getting the Comcast Deal to when you call them, select “cancelation of service”. This will connect you to that dept, Only they have access to deals the reg sales dept doesn’t have. I first called the sales dept with no luck and then called back and talked to the cancelation dept and got 3 for $99 a month plus HBO for 2 years free and use of the DVR for 6 months free. The only thing she wouldn’t give me was the $200 cash rebate. But I was very happy with it. AT&T UVerse is coming on strong and they are very aware of it. AT&T right now, can’t touch the Comcast deal, although I’m hearing they are now giving their DVR at no charge. Look for thing to get very competitive!

  7. Mitch says:

    To Richard and Lanie, The rebates take months to get You might want to call the rebate company to follow up on it. It took me about 6 months to get my money ( which turned out to be a debit card, not a check) when I first signed up for Comcast. On the internet deal, I’ve gotten that too reduced, but by judging by the price drop, I’d say the price is good for only 6 months. You might want to check on that. The secret is “The Cancelation Dept” !

  8. js says:

    I am just SOOO sick and tired of all of these different rebates and offers..just give me a good deal and tell me what the price is up front..not just for 9 months but for continued service..the reason that people are reluctant to sign up is that it is way too confusing don’t really know what you’ll end up with!!!

  9. Twan Le says:

    Yeah I have a friend to who directly for comcast, he works in the san francisco area. He can really hook you up with a better deals then online or instore. Call me I bet you he will be able to help you out. 415 407 6915

    • juleyh says:

      Tawn Le,

      Is that phone number a direct line? You didn’t mention your friend’s name/

      • quoc says:

        His name is quoc he is really into help out customer wat they want then just making a sale. 415 407 6915

  10. Strebkr says:

    If you have uVerse in your area you should really check it out. Their rebates and no contracts are very attractive.

  11. DCSORICE says:

    I was with verizon and very satisfied. One day I got a postcard in the mail from comcast with the special deal they were running, $250 rebate, a prepaid visa card. When I called to check up my status 8 week later I was told they never received my signed contract, however I was told about a contract I needed to sign nor did I ever get one. To top that one of the representatives told me I was lying about the amount I was offered and claimed they have never offered a rebate of $250, which is a lie. Comcast are scammers who will do whatever it takes not to give you what they promise.

  12. Mitch says:

    I always get something in writing, either by email or fax. I never had problem with the Comcast deal I told you about, it just took close to a year to get the gift card, is my only beef. Meanwhile I continue to get a 3 for $99 a month deal plus free HBO for two years. If don’t don’t call the cancellation dept. , your not talking to the dept. who will give you the best deal !

  13. Emmy says:

    I have never received my rebate 8 months later and 4 phone calls

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