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Latest Comcast Deals & Rebates

Many moons ago I wrote about a whole host of Comcast deals and rebates [3], including the “Ditch the Dish” program, and with the year of promotional pricing nearing its end it’s time once again to play the cancel and signup game. How does this game work? Well, do you have a roommate? Cancel your account and sign up under their name. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend/friend who can “live” in your house? Then you can cancel yours and sign up in their name. The beauty of Comcast is that anyone can pay the bill, they don’t care as long as you put the correct account number on the check!

The best strategy is to threaten to cancel because you saw a better deal (have the deal in hand). If they don’t give you the same promotional offer that you can get by signing up brand new (or they give you enough that you don’t think dealing with a new signup, because remember you have to “wait” for the cable guy, is worth it) then cancel and sign up again.

Now… onto the updated deals and rebates.

“Ditch the Dish”

Unfortunately, this program has been discontinued.

ComcastSpecial.com [4]

This site has by far the easiest and best way to check if Comcast is available in your area. The page that loads lets you enter in your phone number and email and checks immediately. You don’t have to fill in a bunch of junk plus the offer itself is competitive:

(also, you can get $75 back for signing up to cable television and $50 back for signing up for telephone service too)

Staples & Dell No Longer Offering Rebates?

Or at least I can’t find them. Last year it was all the rage, sign up for Comcast service on Staples, Dell, Office Depot, etc. and submit rebates for them all. I had done it with great success twice but it appears as though neither vendor is offering rebates with Comcast service activation anymore. 🙁

Good luck!