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Latest List of High Paying Jobs

A lot of the jobs in the latest list of high paying jobs, provided by MRINetwork and Spherion (headhunting shops), are a case of demand being so much larger than the supply of good talent. In a lot of these industries, they’re looking for folks with experience, not kids coming out of college, so if you’re looking to this list for inspiration then you’re at the wrong place. If you’re already in one of these fields, consider that a change might bring something bigger at the end of the month.

Medical science liaisons – Basically they’re pharmaceutical company employed medical professionals on the education and experience level of doctors that provide “peer-level” interaction with those practicing medicine. The idea is that these folks supplement the sales reps and provide a level of expertise a business person is simply unable to. Expect to start off making $115k-$120k plus 10-20% bonus, after five years expect to see $125k-$135k plus bonus.

Internet sales and marketing Account directors – The internet is back and better than ever, demand for experience Internet sales and marketing folks with 7 – 9 years of online marketing and sales experience can expect to fetch $150k in big markets like New York and $120k-$130k in smaller markets like Atlanta or Cleveland.

General managers of premier resorts and hotels – If you can’t tell we’re in a period of prosperity, look no further than the fact that resorts and hotels really need some solid GMs. For resorts, if the place specializes in something (golf anyone?), then it helps if that GM has some experience with that activity. This is an industry where you have to pay your dues and it takes 12 – 18 years before you’ll make it at a top tier location – when there, expect to pocket between $150k and $250k depending on location.

Designer of athletic and active wear – Again, another product of prosperity is that people want more stuff and they want to do more stuff: look to clothing design. “They might get paid $30,000 to $40,000 right out of school, $50,000 to $60,000 after a year, and $80,000 to $90,000 after three to five years. Beyond that, if they’ve survived and had some successes, they can pull down anywhere between $90,000 and $200,000.” (90k – $200k, that’s a huge range…)

Construction: Estimators and Program Managers – Two of the ten jobs were in construction, no surprise there considering our economy, and both start off making the $55k – $65k range. After five years though, estimators can expect to see $75k whereas program managers can expect a six figure salary.

SQL DB Administrators and .NET/Java developers – And what top paying job list would be complete without at least one programming job, this time it’s SQL DB Admins and .NET/Java developers – the cornerstones of the internet. DBs run the world and we use .NET/Java to talk to them. In a large market, DBAs can see $100k+ and even $75k – $85k in smaller markets. .NET/Java developers can expect the same.

Staff accountants, Financial Analysts – Two words: Sarbanes-Oxley. A staff accountant with two to four years can earn between $50k – $70k in a large market, $40k – $50k in small market. A financial analyst can expect $75k – $100k in a large city, $55k – $75k in a smaller market.

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