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Lazy Sunday Reading

Bored? Trying to relax and unwind? Then you definitely don’t want to be on the computer and reading about personal finance. For everyone else, here are some choice bits that I thought were entertaining and/or informative reads.

Mighty Bargain Hunter talks about cheap magazines [3] and going toe to toe with a challenger (tongue in cheek of course).

JLP discusses some tips from Neale Godfrey’s A Penny Saved [4] about teaching your kids about money and responsibility [5].

Nickel reports that 74% of respondents to his poll stated they received a refund [6]. I forgot to vote but I received a refund and I really don’t care that I lost out on $2.54 in interest in my interest-free loan to the government.

Want to read about another successful visit to Disneyland? (for Disney, of course, which I am part owner) Flexo writes briefly about his trip to the happiest place on Earth [7].

FMF gives an obvious tip, save money by paying your bills on time [8], but adds a very important and quantifiable statistic: how much the average family will have to pay extra in fees and interest for missing one payment (and the rippling effects of that missed payment on their credit score).

Kay Bell of Don’t Mess with Taxes (love the play on words) talks about her desire to end an undervalued Lincoln [9].

Can you last a week without television? Dawn says she’s been overworking her imagination so she’s going to skip tv-free week [10] this time around. As for me, Lost has a new episode this week so no chance of me shutting off the tube for seven days.