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Learning To Play Golf

My dad bought a mat, a net, a couple hundred golf balls, and a set of clubs three or four years ago and ever since then he’s been hitting balls in his backyard. He’s since graduated from his Golden Bear set of clubs and gifted them to me, despite my lack of game. In the last month or so I’ve decided I’m going to follow the same path and learn how to play this infuriating game, because it feels so ridiculously good when you hit the ball off the tee and it flies far and true. However, at $12 for 160 crappy range balls, it can get expensive to “practice.”

Luckily, I already have a set of irons and drivers (here I believe the quality of the clubs will not matter because right now, I’m fighting to improve my skill) so that saves me a few hundred bucks right off the bat. Shelling out $12 a pop to practice will eventually add up so I’ve decided to take my father’s route and purchase myself a mat, a net, and practice in my backyard, but where am I going to find a matt and a net? Ebay [3]!

Via Ebay I can probably score a decent 3′ x 4′ mat for under $50 plus some shipping. I can also pick up a net and frame for under a hundred bucks as well. I purchased about two hundred golf balls for $50 shipped as well, a hundred were AAA rated and the others were AAAA rated. If you’re going to actually play a round using Ebay’d balls, I suggest you go with the AAAA rated (best quality used) because the AAA’s are… so-so. This is significantly cheaper than buying out of the used ball bin at the course and the balls will be of similar quality.

All told, I can get all the practice equipment I need for about $200 (mat, balls, net and frame) which is how much it costs to hit about 2500 balls. I think that’s a fair deal because after that it’s all free. 🙂

Why can’t I pick cheaper hobbies?