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Lee Eisenberg’s The Number

I’ve read the latest personal finance book that’s taken the blogging world by storm, titled The Number by Lee Eisenberg, and I like the book even though it’s very similar to an article Eisenberg penned [3]. I was going to write a review of the book but I felt that all my thoughts were captured by my fellow bloggers who have already written their own reviews. I feel like the guy who has come late to the party (I read slowly and not often) and decides to start conversations people already have finished.

So… to those of you who haven’t had the chance to read a review, here are some that I think you will find both entertaining to read and informative:

  • Consumerism Commentary: Part 1 [4], Part 2 [5], Part 3 [6], Part 4 [7], Part 5 [8], and also Your New York Number [9], about an article Mr. Eisenberg wrote that mirrors the book.
  • AllThingsFinancial: JLP has a two part interview with Mr Eisenberg – Part 1 [10] & Part 2 [11].
  • Apparently FMF [12] has a review in the works and it’s not a overly rosy one… keep an eye out for it. (maybe he’s also slow, or maybe he’s too busy watching movies [13])

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