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Lending Club 250,000th Lender $2,500 Giveaway

Email Newsletter [3] subscribers will already know this (you should sign up if you haven’t already, you get a couple free eBooks!) but Lending Club is running a promotion this September where you could win $2,500 if you are Lending Club’s 250,000th subscriber.

Click here to sign up [4] and if you are the 250,000th registered investor, you win $2,500. You don’t have to invest a thing, you just need to become a registered investor.

If you do invest, the average return over the last twelve months has been 9.6% APY, which is a pretty nice return. Can’t beat that with the stock market over the same period of time! I’m personally not an investor because I can’t be, Maryland residents can’t invest through Lending Club, but I probably would’ve given it a try if I were allowed to. So it goes sometimes.

Contest ends when September ends, be sure to review the contest terms & conditions to confirm your eligibility. Good luck!