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Lending Club New Investor Bonus $64.62

Lending Club [3], one of the two most popular peer to peer lending networks [4], is now offering a $64.62 bonus to new investors that sign up through one of our links before December 31st, complete their registration and link a bank account to their Lending Club account. The bonus funds can’t be withdrawn and must be invested in Lending Club notes.

Until this most recent $64.62 promotional bonus offer, the most they’ve offered has been $50. While they’ve boasted over 9% returns over the last two and a half years, I’ve personally never invested in any Lending Club notes because residents of Maryland are prohibited from investing. 🙁

Lending Club notes are 3-year fixed interest loans. In theory you wouldn’t be able to withdraw the bonus funds for three years, until the loan is paid off, but nothing prevents or punishes a borrower for repaying a loan early. Also, you could always sell the note in the note marketplace or simply hold it and collect interest.

With no deposit requirements, I don’t see a downside in taking advantage of this offer.