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Links of the Week

From the department of Google hacks, Nickel writes about how you can get free long distance phone calls courtesy of Google Maps [3] – pretty sweet except I only have a cell phone and every minute counts, in-bound and out-bound.

MBH has a two part review of Debt Is Slavery and in part 2, MBH asks Is money really not that important to you? [4] On the debt front, JLP saw a commercial for a combo loan and wonders if you would really want to be taking out a 30 year car loan [5] (which is the effect of rolling the debts into a combo). They’re really getting clever about getting people to pay more interest these days!

An obligatory tax related article, FMF writes about five audit red flags [6], some of which are kind of ridiculous but they make sense because they were probably abused in the past. And, from the department of fun fun weekend personal finance reading, Flexo brings some money advice from celebrities [7] (none are really A-List celebs but I didn’t really think you’d see Tom Cruise telling people to save for a rainy day). And lastly but not leastly, from the department of fun fun weekend non-personal finance reading, Nick’s wrote a useful get fat guide to gorging at buffets [8].