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Linky Linky!

Nickel complains about hotels nickel and diming for internet access [3] (I think it’s ridiculous too). FMF discusses the cash back features of his American Express Blue card [4]. Talk about recycling and you’ll get a link from me, this time Money Smart Life talks about the RecycleBank recycling program [5]. JLP takes a look at the iShares Dow Jones Total Market Sectors funds. [6]

Flexo gives some advice on what you shouldn’t do when looking for a job [7]. Mighty Bargain Hunter writes about our woefully pathetic savings rate [8] (or should I say unsavings rate?) Mapgirl writes about donating her books [9], which is a good alternative to trying to sell it.

Over at War on Credit Cards, I write about the fallacy of paying your lower balances instead of your higher interest loans [10]. Thinking about putting in a low flow showerhead? Check out Dawn’s experience with a low flow showerhead [11]. Lastly, I put together a site on COBRA health insurance [12] if you’re looking into COBRA as an option. If you have suggestions on where I can go with it, I’d love to hear about it.