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List of Free Specialty Consumer Reports

After my post on requesting your CLUE reports [3], Reader Bob sent me an exceptionally long and comprehensive list of all the specialty consumer reports that you are entitled to every year. When I wrote my first request your specialty report post [4], I had about half a dozen… this expands the list by a lot.

I was amazed by the sheer number of companies that collect information about me. I was aware of the credit report companies, LexisNexis, and ChoicePoint, but there are a lot of smaller companies collecting data like rental history that I’ve never heard of. While I’ve never been too fearful of the idea of Big Brother, the number of companies collecting information about me, and you, is a little disconcerting!

Credit Reporting

Employment History Reports

Auto & Home Insurance Claim Reports

Tenant History Reports

Full File Disclosure/Personal Information Reports

Check Writing Reports

Health History Reports


According to Bob, he compiled this list of consumer reports by using information extracted from the following sources: ConsumerReports.org [29], PrivacyRights.org [30], Bankrate [31], ListSergeant.com [32], MyFico.com [33], and CreditBoards.com [34].

If you know of any specialty consumer reports that aren’t on this list, let me know and I’ll include it.