List of No Annual Fee Prepaid Credit Cards

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My friend Tricia asked me about prepaid credit cards and I thought that most of them carry annual fees (understandable). Well, I’ve compiled a list of all the prepaid credit cards without annual fees that I’m aware of.

Update: I was only looking at annual fees via a list from Card Offers, not realizing that most prepaid credit cards had application fees, monthly fees, etc. Bleah, I’ve never had a prepaid credit card before so I didn’t know much about them, I just took that list at face value. Thanks for educating me Matt and Jonathan!

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21 Responses to “List of No Annual Fee Prepaid Credit Cards”

  1. Tricia says:

    Jim – You rock! Thanks!

  2. Jonathan says:

    No fees!? Jim, I think I’d read those applications a lot more closely 🙂 While they may not have “annual” fees, almost all of them have some sort of fee. Application fees, *monthly* maintenance fees, “enrollment” fees, etc.

    Western Union – non-refundable $9.95 enrollment fee, 4.95 monthly fee (can be waived with direct deposit each month)

    Prime Mutual – There is an application fee of $59.95, a processing fee of $90, and a minimum initial deposit of $10. There is also a monthly participation fee of $5.95 that amounts to $71.40 annually.

    Wired Plastic – a one-time application fee of $9.95, and a monthly maintenance fee of $3.95 ($47.40 annually)

    … and so on.

  3. Matt says:

    Wired Plastic has a monthly fee.

  4. Jom says:

    Best prepaid payroll only (can not be loaded except through direct deposit) card from Bank of America $1.25 a month fee with one free ATM transaction per pay period.

    Best card that can be loaded with direct deposit and at local locations is the only fees are the atm surcharge from the bank that owns the atm you use $1 to $2 each and if you load money locally at US Bank, Wachovia or Wells Fargo. There are some load locations where you can load the card at no cost.

  5. anita abbott says:

    western union also has a 25.00 overdraft charge to its card

  6. Jeremy OReilly says:

    The ONLY pre-paid card that is truly 100% free is called “UPside Clear”. No monthly/yearly fees, free to setup, free to reload money, free to setup an allowance. There are no hidden fees at all. You can see their website at …I just started using them a month ago. It’s intended for teens but it works well for those that are trying to stay within a budget (and never carry a balance). My wife and I both have one for personal spending (guilt free spending money) and then we both have one for family purchases as well. I love it. I hope others find them so that the concept will succeed and they stay around for a long time.

    • Latisha says:

      You are right Jeremy. I am loving this card.

    • Lanette says:

      yes Jeremy sorry but their is a monthly fee I think if i’m not mistaking it’s .99cents which I knoe thats not a lot but every dime count for me especially when u got to pay a loading fee.

  7. Alan says:

    You r wrong Jeremy, this card has a monthly fee also.

  8. pat says:

    i have a furtura pay as u go card… and the “pay as ypu go” furutra card as no monthly fee.. jus a one time actavation fee and thats it …

    • Lashawn says:

      Transaction Type: Premier Unlimited Usage: 1.50 weekly or $6 monthly
      Oro Pay-As-You-Go: Free (BUT….)
      They charge you .95 for signature purchases, atm usage on there end $2.50, not including what the bank charges, $1.95 for pin purchases, customer support, $1.95, Activation fee 1 time $9.95, they literally bleed you dry to use there card.
      So thumbs down to them..

  9. Lashawn says:

    Jeremy, Upside charges $2.99 a month and is only free if you load, $500 bucks a month or more. That’s still $36 yearly your paying out to them. I am using Greendot but, they charge 5.95 maintenance fee a month,($71.40 yearly) and it accumulates, whether you use the card or not, plus they charge you $4.95 every time you want to load your card. The maintenance fee is only waived if you load $1000 bucks a month. (crap)I am looking as we speak for a card that is FREE for real…Not all that gimmicky stuff everyone is being sucked into…

    • Lanette says:

      well I use rush cars and it don’t charge no monthly fee and i been using it for over a year now relly like it would’nt trade it for nothing in the world five star.

  10. Lashawn says:

    Offers 2 types of cards
    Card 1
    Charges, $4.95 initial fee, $1 per transaction for any transaction and $2.50 atm fee.

    Card 2
    $2.50 for atm, $9.95 monthly maintenance fee but, transactions are included in $10 fee (only waived if your spending $2500.00 in a month)

    Reloads can run you anywhere from $3.95-$4.95 per tranaction

  11. keshia says:

    American Express has a prepaid card with NO FEES at all.

    • ryan says:

      Yes they do. I have one as a matter of fact, but has anybody tried to use American Express lately. there are time I have to go to 2 or 3 stores just to get gas.. nobody wants to take it.most people want MC or Visa, But You do get to use any ATM for FREE once a month.

    • Lanette says:

      yes Kesha America Expree would be a good card if a lots of stores carry them but they don’t they either want master r visa and rush r western union is the best and no monthly fee.

    • Jennifer says:

      just need more stores to accept it I have a serve card its fee free. Just cant use it like visa and mastercards. barely anyone accepts it. I had a store owner explain that they charge the stores way too much to run the cards. Maybe thats how they keep it free for us.

  12. Jeremiah says:

    American Express is the best prepaid card out there!

    • Lanette says:

      I don’t no why u think that when a lot of stores don’t even do American Express cause I have one everytime I tries to use it somewhere they say sorry we don’t take those I how to pull out Master are Visa now thats whats up American Express is not popular but everyone have they own opinion.

  13. Theresa says:

    best one I’ve found so far is ipaynetwork, the card is free, fee is minimal, and you get money back when you spend. Free loading, free atm access, use all over the country.

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