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How Much Is a London 2012 Gold Medal Worth?

I love sports and I love the Olympics. I totally buy into the nationalist pride and watching all the competition. It’s great in part, like the World Cup, because it happens only once every four years and the competitors are fighting for, with many of them, their once chance at athletic greatness. The Olympics have also become a huge business with enormous facilities and a production that utter astounds the mind in terms of planning and preparation.

What I always enjoy looking at are the Olympic Medals. This year’s 2012 London Olympic medals were designed by David Watkins and produced by the Royal Mint. The medals are larger than any that have ever been made, weighting in at 375 and 400 grams. They’re 85 millimeters in diameter and are 7 millimeters thick. They’re bigger than the Olympic medals from Beijing [3].

Here are their respective compositions:

At roughly today’s prices, that puts the value of each at (we’re assuming they weigh 400 grams):

The price of gold has gone up considerably since 2008!

(Photo: Olympic.org [4])