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Low Cost Weekend Ideas: Rent a RedBox Movie

For those of you without a Netflix [3] (or any of the other rent-by-mail movie services), or simply have seen all the ones they have currently rented and aren’t getting a new movie tonight, should consider a cheap alternative — Redbox. RedBox is a single day movie rental service that has kiosks in MacDonald’s franchises all over the place and their free night’s rental promotional codes are widely published. In fact, for a little while I had a rapidly updated Redbox promotion code page [4] that readers were helping me keep up to date.

Briefly, the way Redbox works is you borrow a movie from one of their kiosks and you can return it at any other kiosk. As long as you return the movie by 7PM the following day, you are charged one dollar. Return it in two days, that’s only $2. With the promotion codes, that’s a free nightly rental. You can use the same codes over and over again, I just switch the credit card I swipe (I’ve used GREGG about twenty times I think, it’s the one I remember every time I reach a kiosk). Enjoy!