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Low Cost Weekend Ideas: Visit Your Library

I live about a three minute walk from one of the county libraries and it’s quite a treat. They have an extensive collection of books and movies and, being only three minutes away, it’s like having an enormous bookshelf of the latest and greatest books without actually having to pay for it (besides taxes). The library system also has a great online website where you can log into your account, search the stacks, and reserve books that you want to read. It’s almost like visiting Amazon.com [3], searching for your book, and buying it – except you don’t actually have to pay anything.

The library also has a pretty solid collection of DVDs as well and a very generous five day rental period. Unlike some libraries where the movies are all old boring movies about Henry V, there are plenty of new releases and an extremely well-stocked collection of television shows (I’m still waiting to jump on the 24 [4] bandwagon) and foreign films.

So if you haven’t become familiar with your local library, you might want to give them a look this weekend.