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Major 1099 Forms & Where To Use Them

The deadline for a company to send you a W-2 or 1099 was January 31st. Since that date is more than a week behind us, you should have all of your forms and you should be able to prepare you taxes this very moment. If you are expecting a rebate, I’d finish up your taxes this weekend, e-file, request direct deposit, and you could have the funds back to you in less than two weeks. If you’re expecting to pay taxes, maybe you can wait a little bit!

What if you haven’t received them all or don’t know which ones to expect? Below I’ll list all of the major 1099 forms out there, who will be sending what, and what you should do if you haven’t received it yet.

First, you don’t actually need any of your 1099 forms at the time you fill out your taxes. It’s important to have a copy of them in case you are audited but you won’t send any of them with your return. If you e-file, you don’t send anything at all. The IRS will already have their copy of the 1099 anyway so they don’t really need yours. You will, however, need the information on the 1099 since you will need to enter that as income on your return.

So, what 1099s should you expect? Six 1099 forms cover what the majority of taxpayers will be receiving and they are: