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Making Your Own Pizza Dough

After writing about how we love making pizza [3], we’ve learned that we’ve been fools to buy Boboli pizza crusts. In fact, Karen at MSN’s Smart Spending even said we were cheaters [4]! Having learned the error of our ways, we’ve decided that the next time we make pizza we’ll be making our own pizza dough, which appears to be fairly simple.

Oh, I also had a revelation the other day. I was walking through Trader Joe’s (they sell 200 Cone #4 coffee filters for $1.69, cheaper than any other place I know of) when I saw they sold fresh pizza dough for 99 cents. 99 cents! What the heck have I been doing buying Boboli pizza crusts???

Pizza Dough Recipe

This simple pizza dough recipe comes from Broke Ass Gourmet [5], which is a great place to pick up some fun recipes even if you aren’t a broke ass. 🙂

The directions are simple, put the water, yeast, and sugar in a bowl and let it sit for 4-5 minutes so the yeast can work its magic. Then combine salt and flour in a mixer and stream in the yeast mixture and your olive oil. Then use the mixer until it forms the dough. Knead the dough then put it in a bowl, cover it with a dish towel, and put it in a warm place so the yeast can do so more of its magic. Let it rise for thirty, then beat it down, then let it rise for thirty more. Doneski and ready for pizza toppings!

After the basic recipe, you can start playing with it and adding flavors you think you’ll like. What separates one cook’s pizza dough from another is in these secret ingredients and those secret ingredients are mostly from trial and error. Some recipes call for a bit of honey, others use sourdough, and even others start integrating spices into the dough itself. Trial and error is more fun than reading from a recipe anyway!

Another benefit of making your own dough is that you can make the pizza’s smaller and get more creative with the toppings. Now that we plan to make our own pizza dough, we can go nuts on the toppings! I envision a saffron, beluga caviar, truffle and Kobe beef pizza in our future!

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