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Your Take: Marriage Decisions Based on Credit?

So… here’s a pretty wild one [3]. Apparently 20% of men and 30% of women say they won’t marry someone with a bad credit score, according to a poll by FreeCreditScore.com. They polled 1,000 adults and had a few other interesting findings but that one was the most eye opening.

Financial responsibility is sexy again!

When I started dating my lovely wife, finances never came up. It helped that we were both in college at the time so finances were simpler then. For us, a $60 dinner was incredibly nice (they are still nice now but not these epic affairs as they once were… plus it was $60 in Pittsburgh, which goes a long way) and we didn’t make that much money. We never talked about money because we didn’t have any.

I can’t imagine what it’d be like to be dating after college in the “real world,” when these types of discussions become increasingly important. While the CNN story gets a little ridiculous (does Linda Basloe really want the credit score before giving out her number or did she just say that to get a quote in an article?), it confirms the bigger point of how finances do play a role in the marriage decision. I think it’s smart to have these conversations.

Should a person’s finances (or their credit score) factor into your dating decisions? Was it a factor for you? Please someone have a funny story!

(Credit: Caucas’ [4])