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Your Take: Would You Marry For Money?

I saw this intriguing thread on Reddit [3] posed by a 26 year old single mother with a 10 year old son. I won’t recap the entire thread but basically she’s a registered nurse making $45,000 a year working 60 hour weeks, a 1997 Camry, medical problems as a result of being on her feet (shin splints and other foot problems), but she’s saved up $13,000 for her ten year old son’s college account. By all accounts, she’s very hard working and responsible person. The story continues with her meeting someone on her hospital’s Charity Board of Directors and he asked her out. She wasn’t attracted to him but he was persistent and they went to lunch. He kept giving her gifts that she didn’t want, he pushed her to accept them, she did. She’s not attracted to him but he’s a thoughtful and nice guy. Anyway, fast forward through some high emotion stuff but basically he loves her, she doesn’t love him, and he proposes and says he will provide for her and her son. He knows she doesn’t love him and he doesn’t care. She knows this is an opportunity to give her son a better life.

(if you have ten minutes, I recommend you read the whole story to get a better sense of the personalities involved)

What would you do?