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May ‘06 Net Worth Monthly Review

Net Worth: $123,649.78 (+1.66%)
Retirement Assets: $56,383.36 (-5.42%)

Own any stocks do ya? May was a pretty rough month for the ole retirement portfolio with the S&P dropping 3.1%, the Dow slipping 1.75%, and the Nasdaq Composite plummeting 6.2% – I felt pretty happy only falling 5.4% in an emerging markets heavy retirement portfolio. Compare that with VWO [3], Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock VIPERs, which fell 11.54% and that 5.42% doesn’t look so bad…

If you noticed, the net worth figure increased by 1.66% despite a “significant” drop in my retirement assets, that’s mostly because of blog earnings since my regular salary hasn’t changed and my spending has, on the whole, maintained the same level. Other than that, nothing significant worth mentioning.

One change in my Net Worth calculations was the inclusion of $7,300 in credit card debt that I’m now carrying month to month for arbitrage reasons (that debt is offset by a balance my bank account). The most challenging aspect of seeing $7,300 extra money in my Emigrant Direct bank account is mentally separating it from my own money. I see the $7,300 in there and there’s no risk that I’ll “accidentally” spend it but I have to remember it’s not mine.

I can’t wait until July 1st when the energy bills spike.