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McD Monopoly Game: Mail-In vs. Hash Browns Epic Challenge Part 2

Last week, to have a little fun, we bought two hundred hash browns to see if the game pieces you get on food might be “better” than the game pieces you get in the mail. We called it the Mail-in vs. Hash Browns Epic Challenge [3]. Brandon was going to mail in five hundred self-addressed stamped envelopes in order to get a thousand game pieces, each with two peels. I was going to get two hundred hash browns, each with two peels. We were going to average the results and try to figure out which was “better.”

This post covers part one, where Brandon writes/stamps 500 letters to McDonald’s, and I buy and remove the pieces from the hash brown baggies. We’ll track our progress in this nifty chart.

McDonalds Monopoly Game Piece Tracker [4] | Create infographics [5]

Brandon’s Challenge

The good thing about buying hash browns is that it’s a pretty quick affair. On he flip side is hand-writing 500 envelopes to McDonald’s, as Brandon’s doing — with an epic musical soundtrack 🙂

Brandon’s still hard at work writing and stamping envelopes to send to McDonald’s, so he’s recorded zero pieces thus far. I’ll let him update you guys.


Hey guys, so I’ve got most of the letters ready to be stamped. Remember, I’ll be stamping 1000 letters — 500 to McDonald’s and 500 stamps for the return envelopes I’m putting inside. This will be fun.

Here’s my 10 rolls of stamps.

Time to get stampin’.

If you want to watch my full mental/emotional collapse, follow me on Twitter/Vine (@BrandonDuncombe [6]) as I chronicle my mail-in trials and tribulations.

Jim’s Challenge

I thought getting two hundred hash browns was going to be this big to-do – it’s wasn’t at all. In fact, they even nicely put them into a box so we’d have an easier time carrying it. Here’s what two hundred hash browns looks like in a nice big pile:

Based on McDonald’s nutrition information, 200 hash browns equates to:

Nutrition Facts: 200 Hash Browns [7] | Infographics [5]


The damage (plus two egg mcmuffin’s):

I’ve only gone through 111 of my total 400 game stamps, so I have a ways to go. A couple notes so far: (1) Snapfish and MyCoke Rewards Instant-Win pieces don’t have online codes printed on them, which is interesting — I don’t remember that being true in previous years. (2) like last year, St. Charles place seems to be the most common piece (10 out of 111 pieces so far), and (3) I have a close race between breakfast sandwiches and medium fries as my most common Instant-Win prize.

Total Prize Value

This is what Brandon and I are truly comparing. Right now it’s not fair to compare much, seeing as how Brandon hasn’t received anything, but here’s the breakdown of my costs (for just the 111 stamps I’ve peeled thus far) and the adjusted retail value (ARV) for the Instant-Win and Online prizes I’ve won.

McDonalds Monopoly Prize Value [8] | Infographics [5]

Miraculously I’ve managed to almost double my costs so far. I doubt this trend will continue, but I’m pretty happy with the results. 🙂

Finally, if you’re curious what we did with the uneaten hash browns, unfortunately we had to throw any we weren’t able to give away. We know that it’s a waste and part of the reason we didn’t get 500 hash browns in order to do a fairer comparison with 500 letters.

Here’s what that looks like:

Here’s part three! [9]