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McDonald’s Monopoly Meal Cruncher Calculator

If you visit our Facebook page [3] much, you might recognize the “voice” behind this post – it’s Brandon and he’s in charge of our social media. Please give Brandon a hearty welcome and we hope you like this fun Monopoly meal cruncher calculator… it was his idea! 🙂

When we said we were going big for this year’s McDonald’s Monopoly Game [4], we weren’t kidding.

So, you’ve probably been asking yourself, “how many hash browns do I have to buy to have a chance of winning the million dollar prize”? The answer? 10,885. Obviously. Here’s how we got the answer.

Our fancy little calculator — dubbed the McDonald’s Monopoly Meal Cruncher — is able to determine how much of one food item must be purchased at one store in order to have a 1:1 chance of winning a particular Monopoly Game prize.

This was actually interesting to develop because unlike the standard winning probability that McDonald’s provides in their rules, which only accounts for the total number of Game pieces in the wild and the chance of you collecting the entire winning set of pieces, we had to take many more factors into consideration to get a more accurate result. We figured that the best way to ensure the best probability (and least amount of variables) was to buy the same food item from the same store, since going to multiple McDonald’s would further dilute your odds. So we took the probability of winning each prize and divided it by the number of stores in the US, then we took the price of the eligible food items (we used South Florida prices ), found out how many Game pieces are on each item, gathered sales tax data for each state, and, through the magic of high-level mathematics (not really), we’re able to determine the financial investment needed to have a 1:1 chance of winning a prize if you purchase the same food item at the same store (whew!).

Admittedly, the number of food items you’ll need won’t vary much because most of the eligible foods come with 2 game pieces, but the varying prices of menu items will affect the investment pretty dramatically.

Now it’s your turn to have fun with the calculator. Anyone thinking of actually trying this? We think the investment for the $50 prize isn’t so bad if you buy the cheaper food items. Let us know and have fun 🙂

McDonald’s Monopoly Meal Cruncher

Don’t do the math yourself. Use our handy calculator to find out how many hash browns, French fries and other food items it takes in your state to win top prizes in this year’s McDonald’s Monopoly Game [5].

Select options above to see your chance of winning.

Disclaimer: This calculator is for entertainment purposes only. We too thought it was absolutely insane that it only takes 10,885 hash browns to win a million bucks… but that’s what the numbers say. By the way, you won’t win a million bucks by buying 10,885 hash browns. 🙂