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Meeting Mickey Now Costs $71.36/day

Let me say this first, I love going to a Disney theme park. I’ve gone about three times in the last six years (the last time wasn’t planned, it was a last minute thing where friends of ours had a place to stay and invited us to join them… can’t beat a ‘free’ stay and only $120 for an airline ticket) and we’ve nearly always purchased our tickets from AAA (my girlfriend’s membership, I’ve since cancelled mine). Turns out that the basic single day, one park admission price will go up $4 to $67 ($71.36 is after taxes)… the second increase this year (22% since 2004!). For a list of the current prices, check out this price list on MouseSavers.com [3], what I consider one of the best WDW resources on the web.

I don’t see myself going to Disney for a while, twice in the last six years would’ve been much on its own, three is pushing it though we did go to different ones (Cali and Orlando); but I think $70 is quite a lot to ask to visit a theme park. Kids 3 – 9 get in for close to $60, so a family of four is looking at paying $260 just to get into the park (single park, single day) if they were paying full price (which you probably wouldn’t)… and people complain that four tickets to a baseball game was expensive!

I’m still a sucker for the magic that is Disney though, I like walking around the magically fake everything, riding on silly kids rides, freaking enormous turkey legs (best food deal in the park not to mention great eating), and all that jazz but man seventy bucks is a lot…

via CnnMoney.com [4].