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Your Take: Ever Taken a Megabus or Bolt Bus?

I was reading a short little piece on $1 Megabus tickets [3] when I thought back to my experience with one of these buses. I forget the name of the company (it was neither Megabus or Bolt Bus) but I purchased a $20 ticket from Baltimore to New York City to visit my parents when, before leaving Baltimore, the bus broke down. The oil cap had broken and the bus driver was trying to find a way to cap it, including stuffing a rag in it, so that he could make the trip. He only spoke Mandarin Chinese and I acted as translator for him and the passengers. It was a disaster and I opted to not take the bus since I’d rather skip the trip than face potential breakdown on the New Jersey Turnpike!

The most amazing part of that ordeal was one passenger who said “This has happened to me four times, this is unbelievable!” To which I thought to myself… I would’ve stopped using this company after the second time, assuming the first was a fluke. The Megabus and Bolt Buses look much nicer and with Megabus being owned by Coach USA, I’m inclined to believe they’re a more professional and well-run organization.

That said, have you taken one of these buses and what did you think of it?

(Photo: paul_lowry [4])