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Mitsubishi’s Gas Comes Standard Program

A little while ago Mitsubishi Motors started a promotion [3] where they’ll “cover your gasoline for a year” as long as you buy or lease any new 2005 Mitsubishi vehicle. GM is offering a $500 gas card when you buy one of their vehicles. But what exactly will you get? Read the Mitsubishi fine print and it says they’ll pay for 12,000 miles/yr at $2.95 a gallon at your approximate mileage. It sounds like they’ll be paying you actual gasoline usage and not an EPA calculation, numbers we all know always seem a little higher [4] than any normal human being can achieve.

Fine print mumbo jumbo:

2Customer needs to purchase or lease any new 2005 Mitsubishi vehicle or a new 2006 Galant or Endeavor, between September 22, 2005 and October 31, 2005. Eligible vehicles need to be delivered from dealer stock on or before October 31, 2005. This offer does not apply to vehicles sold or leased prior to September 22, 2005.

Customers will have the ability to choose one eligible Gas Company for their gasoline card with the purchase or lease of any new 2005 vehicle or a new 2006 Galant or Endeavor. The gasoline cards are in lieu of and not in addition to any other customer or dealer incentives available in connection with the sale or lease of such vehicle. Should the customer choose the gas card incentive, the vehicle purchased or leased will not be eligible for the following programs: Standard Customer Rebates, MMCA Special Lease Financing, and MMCA Special APR financing. (Mitsubishi Loyalty or Mitsubishi Education Edge are exceptions.)

Customer will be required to sign a Mitsubishi Motors “GAS COMES STANDARD” Customer Claim form. Claim form must be submitted by the dealership from which the vehicle was purchased or leased within 10 days of purchase or lease to be eligible for payment. Approximate fulfillment for all Gasoline Cards is 4-6 weeks after submission of required forms. Only one gasoline card offer per transaction. Gasoline cards are not transferable or assignable and may not be applied towards the down payment of the vehicle.

Anyone give them a call and get the details of these gasoline cards?