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More Money May Not Buy Happiness, But It Can Make Your Life a Little Better

People are fond of pointing out that money doesn’t buy happiness. After all, there are a number of miserable people out there who are rich in terms of finances. However, no matter how fond we are of shrugging off wealth and saying that money doesn’t matter, the truth is that life can be pretty crappy without some money.

After all, most of us need money to some degree. While barter is an option in some areas, and you can grow some of your own food, at some point, there are things that you can’t get on your own with out money. And, on top of that, having a certain amount of money provides a few benefits.

Of course, “more” and “less” are relative terms, and many of the items on the list are subjective. Not everyone cares about having a higher status, and there are those who care little for the trappings of a large “comfortable” home. For many, freedom from debt [4], and moderate wants and needs, constitute security and freedom. The important thing is to consider your own priorities, and honestly consider your situation. What makes you feel “rich,” and could a little more money, properly used, help you feel richer?

(Photo: Thomas Hawk [5])