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Your Take: Do You Think Money Can Buy Happiness?

We’ve covered the issue of money buying happiness a few times in the past (just look at the Related Posts below and you’ll see a few fine examples). However, the last time we even mentioned it was several years ago and there’s new research! There is always new research… the question is whether that research says anything new.

This one does. [3]

The study looked at the question of “satiation.” In plain English, they simply wondered if there was ever a point in which you earned “enough” to be happy. If you earned enough where your basic needs were met, like food and shelter, would you be happier if you continued to make more. Is there a point at which you no longer happier? [4]

Some people have likened it to air. It’s no fun when you don’t have enough to breathe but you really don’t gain extra by have more air. Well, the results of the study suggest that the answer is that there is no point at which your happiness stops. The richer you get, the happier you are about it.

Do you think that’s true?

(Credit: stevendepolo [5])