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Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

One of the most important lessons you can teach your children is the importance of money. While we don’t have any kids yet, it has been a topic on my mind so I defer to these highly rated books for guidance:

Raising Money Smart Kids: What They Need to Know about Money and How to Tell Them [3] by Janet Bodnar is published by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, one of the most respected personal finance magazines today. Bodnar is Kiplinger’s Personal Finance’s deputy editor, mother of three children, and nationally recognized as an expert in family finances and teaching children about money.

Silver Spoon Kids : How Successful Parents Raise Responsible Children [4] by Eileen Gallo, Jon Gallo, and Kevin Gallo is a different kind of family finances book. It focuses on how to raise kids if you are in an affluent family and was written in the dot-com boom era (2001). While money has been tighter these days, I think that it covers the important topic of “trying to give your children everything,” which applies to both the affluent and less affluent.

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Financially Responsible Children [5] by Neale Godfrey and Carolina Edwards is a book from 1994, available for just a few dollars (plus shipping). How could I forget the book that is the namesake of this post? This book teaches timeless lessons about family finances and teaching kids about the value of money and personal values. If it applied in 1994, it’ll apply today (children haven’t changed that much!