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Money Leaks: Speeding Tickets

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Police LightsThere’s only one way to avoid a speeding ticket – driving within the speed limit.

Sometimes it’s all too easy to speed. You start following the flow of traffic and the next thing you know, you’re ten miles over. As there are more and more traffic cameras automatically catching speeders, the likelihood that you get dinged for it goes up.

So how can you avoid it? There are several ways, some of which are more useful than the advice of “slow down.”

This is the latest edition of our new series called Money Leaks.

The only way 100% guaranteed way to avoid a speeding ticket is to drive within the speed limit. When you think about it, speeding is about saving time right? The faster you get somewhere, the less time you spend in the car. When you start doing the math, the time you save by going 80 MPH instead of 60 MPH is probably not worth the risk. If you have a fifteen mile drive, it’ll take you fifteen minutes going 60 MPH. At 80 MPH, it’ll take you 11.25 minutes. You save a little under 3 minutes. You risk getting a speeding ticket. Why not leave three minutes earlier?

If that’s not enough of a reason, my next advice is to avoid being the fastest car in the left lane. You can follow traffic on highways and as long as it’s not abnormally fast (within ten miles of the speed limit), it’s unlikely that you’ll be pulled over. A police officer can only pull over one person and it’ll be the lead car blazing down the highway. I don’t recommend you drive fast but if you’re following traffic, you should be ok.

Be especially vigilant in low speed limit areas, like near schools. First, there’s the higher risk of hurting someone. Speeds are that low for a reason and it’s in everyone’s best interest that you drive safely and slowly, including yourself. Second, it’s easier to drive 80 on the highway when the posted speed is 60. Drive 50 in a posted 30 and you are begging for a disaster.

Finally, if you do get dinged, maybe these tips on how to get out of a speeding ticket can help.

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7 Responses to “Money Leaks: Speeding Tickets”

  1. Frugal says:

    While I agree with you on the points made, let’s keep in mind that we are dealing with human nature, and especially when it comes to new drivers (late teens / early twenties),…..

    Some lessons have to be learned the hard way.

  2. cvargo says:

    Your theory about the fastest car in the left lane I believe is wrong. I have done many internships with judges since I am in law school and countless times the defense has been, “the guy in front of me was going faster why didn’t you pull him over?” The cop always says because it was easier to pull you over, because you broke the same law. It is also safer for the officer to pull over the closest speeder when they are on traffic patrol. But you are spot on, just leave a few minutes earlier. Do follow traffic but stay in the lanes to the right, atleast in Utah most officers are on the left shoulder, so it is easier to be pulled over if you are in the left 2 lanes (assuming 4 or more lanes. But again just don’t speed=no tickets

  3. Traciatim says:

    “A police officer can only pull over one person and it’ll be the lead car blazing down the highway.”

    This is most assuredly false. For one the police officer will pull anyone over that they can catch easiest. Two, I have been pulled over by a single police car who pulled over two vehicles and gave the drivers both tickets.

  4. Wilma says:

    If people only understood how their driving records effect insurance rates they might take their driving more serious. Those rates are compiled from data like accidents in your area, cause of those accidents and of course the young are usually hell on wheels. So leave 10 minutes sooner. It saves your blood pressure, your mood, wear and tear on your vehicle and tickets for traffic violations. It’s a win win for your wallet.

    • Shirley says:

      A teen-aged grandson learned all about that when he got his first car at 19. A stop sign roll-through and then a speeding ticket at 16 will keep his insurance rates at $100+ per month. Now he fully understands and will pay that price for a few years more. It was a lesson hard-learned, but well-learned.

  5. Christian says:

    To add to what cvargo and Tricatim said, sometimes the police will run systems where one cop has the speed gun and then will radio the details of speeders to a whole group of cops 1/2 a mile or so further on. The group further on can have many cars (2,3 etc.) pulled over at one time.

    Also, my favorite technique on the highway is to use cruise control wherever reasonable and safe to do so: it keeps me from accidentally speeding up to whatever people around me are doing. Although, I have to fight the ego battle of not caring that people keep overtaking me 🙂

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