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How to Avoid Wasting Food

Whenever my lovely wife and I first moved in together, one of our struggles had to do with spoiling food. We were cooking a lot more (and we’re cooking even more now) and sometimes a dish would get pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten. I hated it because I hate waste. I don’t mind cooking something I don’t like eating and being forced to eat it, I’d rather eat it than let it go to waste because being wasteful is being irresponsible. It’s also expensive. I don’t throw away dollar bills because I can’t be bothered to remember to put it in my wallet, so why would I throw away grilled chicken?

So today, I’ll present to you my simple solution to eliminating, or at least significantly reducing, this money leak.

This is the latest edition of our new series called Money Leaks. [3]

The solution is simple – use a leftover calendar [4]. A leftover calendar is simply a calendar that lists what you’ve cooked and when. As you eat all of a dish, cross it out on your list. This helps you remember what you cooked, when, and what is still left in your fridge.

This will help you save money on what goes to waste but it’ll also have the side benefit of saving on your electricity. Since you have a good idea of what’s in your fridge, you don’t need to keep the door open as long to find what you need.

Do you have a trick you use to reduce how much food you waste?