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Money Magazine – April ’05 Online

JLP at AllThingsFinancial [3] wrote about how he liked the rework of Money Magazine for April in an article yesterday, so I poked around and managed to find it available for free! (edit: so did he, I just didn’t notice, haha)

Money Magazine – Online (April 2005) [4] (I imagine this generic link won’t lead to the April issue for too long though)

You read it as if it were an actual magazine using ActiveMagazine software from Olive Software. It’s cool but you can’t take your monitor to the bathroom, where I do all my important reading. It does get rid of all those annoying subscription cards I rip out whenever I get the magazine.

They changed a whole bunch of stuff about the magazine, notably the font of the title… makes it look less like Smart Money I guess. I wonder if they’ll release any more for free. The software is pretty slick, you can jump to parts of the magazine by clicking on the title of an article in the table of contents; I’d probably get some subscriptions online (save paper!) if I had one of those tablet PCs (too bad I’m poor!)