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Money Manager from American Express

When I reviewed the Chase Blueprint payment program [3], I said I believed that credit card companies were offering money management tools and payment systems to help keep defaults and late payments down. The best credit card customer is a regularly paying one, despite what mainstream media would have you think (that credit card companies love to ding people with fees and send them to the poorhouse). Even the most cynical of consumers would agree with me on that point!

Well, as it turns out, American Express also has series of tools that helps users get a better handle on their finances. It isn’t an alternative payment schedule like Chase Blueprint but more along the lines of an online budgeting tool, except it’s available only to American Express charge cardmembers (and it’s free).

Here’s a two-minute video about it:

If you have The American Express Card, Preferred Rewards Green Card [4], American Express Gold Card, Preferred Rewards Gold Card [5], Rewards Plus Gold Card, Platinum Card [6] or Centurion Card, then you have access to the Money Manager tool. All of those cards are personal charge cards, which don’t let you carry a balance.

(Photo: thetruthabout [7])