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Most Valuable Regular U.S. Coin

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Every time I get home, I pull out any change I have and throw it into a small container. As I was pulling out quarters to put in my car, I noticed a nickel that looked different from the one beside it. It was a 1941-P (it actually didn’t have a letter, which means it was minted in Philadelphia) and looked more gray than the 2001-P right next to it. Not being a numismatist, I searched online to see if there was anything special about it.

There wasn’t, it was just old and beat up. They wouldn’t be a little more special until mid-1942, until 1945) when “Wartime Nickels” were produced. Wartime nickels were made of 56% Copper, 35% Silver, and 9% Manganese rather than 75% Copper and 25% Nickel.

That led me to reading more about coins and learning about the most valuable regular U.S. coin. I wanted to find a coin you could conceivably have in your pocket or piggy bank and just not know. I wasn’t looking for the 1805 Silver Dollar, worth $10.1 million, or the 1933 Double Eagle, worth $8.5 million (more exceptionally valuable U.S. coins). If you have one of those, you know it.

No, I wanted a regular coin.

1969-S Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent
Do you know what the most valuable U.S. coin is? If you guessed it’s the one pictured above, the 1969-S Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent, then you’d be right. It’s a penny minted in 1969 at San Francisco where the obverse, the side with Lincoln’s face, was doubled up. The blurriness of the obverse isn’t because the picture is blurry, it’s because it’s been doubled stamped.

The coin is worth $86,250 according to this auction, which ended earlier this year.

Do you have one of these? 🙂

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172 Responses to “Most Valuable Regular U.S. Coin”

  1. Anonymous says:

    have a 1969 s penny!! Please E mail me regaurding this.I need to know If this is the right one. visnu

    • ramesh says:

      dear sir

      Thank you for replay me
      tommorow ill sen to you photo of this coin

      Thank you
      From – Ramesh

    • ramesh says:

      Hellow sir

      good after noon

      Please sir send me your E-address becouse i have to send images/


  2. Kellee Rodman says:

    I just was wondering how do you get in on the auctions or even bid on auctions not that I have money but I would love to see how it is done.

  3. rozer says:

    i have 1969 doubled die lincoin one cent
    if you want to buy please let me know send me email at my email

    or i have 60 pics one rupees silver coin or republic of india coin 2000 pics
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  4. ramesh says:

    i have world top coin Exceedingly goin
    if any body want to buy this coin please let me know by e-mail if you need picture please let me know this is worl rarest coin

    This coin is Exceedingly Rare
    1969-s lincoln one cent with doubled die obverse coin

    Thank you

  5. ramesh says:

    i like to sell this coin– exceedingly rare this is american one cent mint marg sen Francisco

    1969-s Linclon with double die obverse
    this world rarest coin

    if any body want to buy please let me know

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  6. ramesh says:

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  7. ramesh says:

    thankyou replay me tommorow ill send to you pic of this coin

    Thank you
    From:- Ramesh

  8. shaylor lambert says:

    Yes have one wanna auction off in bu condition 8177986195

  9. ramesh says:

    i have one 2 Euro coin and other side eagle mark, but somthing fuction in the coin like magnate
    please any body have knolage about this coin please let me know about this coin

  10. Anonymous says:

    please let me know about 2 euro coin beacouse i have that coin but somthing power in the coin like magnate power
    any body have idea of this coin????? what kind of metal in this coin? but this is not magnate

  11. ramesh says:

    yes i have 1969-s one cent good condation and i have 1982 same one cent / if any buyer want to buy thoese coin please contact me and i have lot of dime or other coin


  12. sanath anura says:

    I have 1969 s Lincoln one cent coin i want best price sell contact to me phone +94729005900

  13. sanath anura says:

    I have 1799 liberty silver bust dollar coin best coin i want sell this coin email phone +94729005900

  14. sanath anura says:

    I have 1910 Lincoln coin best face value i want sell this coin phone +94729005900

  15. Anonymous says:

    please let me know about 2 euro coin beacouse i have that coin but somthing power in the coin like magnate power
    any body have idea of this coin????? what kind of metal in this coin? but this is not magnate

  16. Marcella says:

    I have a 1969s penny, I want to know how much its worth..

  17. sophia says:

    I hv a 1969 s penny unsure of wt 2 do… plz help

  18. bryan says:

    hello my name is bryan I’m from mexico tijuana to see this publication went to see my coins and found one from 1969 in my coins if anyone is interested this is my email

  19. caroline says:

    I am Caroline,I live in Texas I was looking at my coins and a 1898 five cent and 1905 five cent coin ,is there anyone interested email law/

  20. Diane says:

    I have 21969 1cent coins how can you tell if any of them are double coated??

  21. Diane says:

    I’ve look at my peenies 1 has a D and the other has an s pretty hard to figure out if it’s double coated.

  22. autumn says:

    Yes i think I do one red and one not red how do i know for sure

  23. steven says:

    I believe I have 1969 S DD and a 1955 DD, I would like to sell them. Anyone interested?

  24. Sebastian says:

    I have it plz email me plz I beg of you ill srnd pics

  25. abby gardner says:

    I have a 1969 s penny that looks double stamped

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