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Movie Film Budgets Exposed!

I always think it’s cool whenever you can go “behind the scenes” of anything and today I discovered that The Smoking Gun [3] managed to snag the internal budgets of a bunch of big blockbuster movies. Well, in typical TSG fashion, they’re going to share all the documents with us along with some insightful and humorous commentary. The films they have opted to show first are the four directed by M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense [4], Signs [5], The Village [6], and Unbreakable [7]) and distributed by Disney Touchstone Studios and the stuff these film companies pay for is pretty cush.

The salaries, which are well known anyway, are staggering. Mel Gibson scored a $25M payday (doc [8]) of the almost $71M budget for Signs (yeah, that’s over 35% of the budget). Bruce Willis earned $14M for The Sixth Sense, $20M for Unbreakable, and a $1.5M perk package that “includes set staples like a costumer and makeup artist, the actor also gets a personal assistant, masseuse, mobile gym, trainer, bodyguard, and other ‘personal perks,’ including a $500,000 allowance for private jet charters.” Not bad.

Enjoy the casual Friday treat!

via TSG: Hollywood by the Numbers [9].