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How to Save Money with a Moving Company

As we wrote a little while back, we bought a house [3] and will be moving pretty soon. One of the worst parts about buying a house is that you have to move. We’ve spent the last eight years in this house, a wonderful eight years, but that also means we’ve accumulated eight years of junk.

In previous moves, I was always moving from one apartment to another. Or moving from an apartment to a house. I didn’t have much of anything really. A couple friends, a U-Haul [4], and an afternoon was all it took to move from one place to another. Fast forward to today and that’s simply not possible anymore. We could still go the U-Haul route but we’d need a larger truck, more friends, and probably a lot more time. So we’ve decided to go with a moving company.

So, in preparing for this move, we’ve learned a few things that I hope can be helpful for you:

Moving Companies Bill by the Hour

When a moving company comes to quote you a job, they eyeball everything and give you an estimate based on cubic square feet and the number of hours they expect their crew to work. They know their charge by the house, estimate travel time, and provide a quote based on that.

Anything you do to reduce the number of hours it takes, or the amount of stuff you need, will result in a cheaper move. That means if you pack it yourself, you save money on time. If you move it yourself, you save money on time and cubic space used (which is used to calculate time anyway).

Always get multiple quotes. This is the number one tip for whenever you buy anything – get quotes! With just one quote, you will have no idea whether you’re getting a good deal or a bad one. If you get 3-4, then you can be certain you’re getting a reasonable price (both too high and too low, you may not want that lowball bid because they might be cutting corners).

Four Tips to Reduce Costs

Here are the four things we’re doing to reduce costs:

Scour for free boxes. I hate buying boxes, it feels so wasteful and stupid. The easiest way to get free boxes is to ask for them from liquor stores or Costco or other big box stores, they usually give them away. The next easiest way is to search Craigslist or Freecycle for someone giving them away. Finally, you can always buy them from moving companies and while it stinks to buy boxes, it’ll save you a lot of time.

If you are the type of person who has a difficult time getting rid of stuff, it might help to put it into financial terms. Moving a cubic foot will cost you a certain amount, it’s useful to price it out that way. Moving one cubic foot for us was about 80c. Every cubic foot you move yourself is a savings of 80c.

So think about that old desk and how much it’ll cost you to move it. Is it worth it? It might not be and thinking about the money aspect might make it easier to trash.

(Credit: Tim Patterson [5])