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My Bank Changed Its ABA Routing Number

Ugh… so I was opening the mail a few days ago when, in a letter, my credit union notified me that they were changing their ABA Routing number (the nine digit number on the lower left corner of your checks that identifies the bank) effective March 31st. I would be getting a new box of checks gratis and they suggested that I change all information on my autopay and billpay services as soon as possible to avoid any payment problems. What a headache.

Wait until you hear the reason… it’s because of a bank merger in 1999. I was still throwing back beers and chasing girls studying and studying back then, not the archetype of responsible living you see before you today. All they wanted to do was have as many people as possible move over to the new number as soon as possible and the old number would still be valid for quite some time (whew!). I wish they enforced it back before I opened an account. 🙂